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GolbolcoSep 22, 2018
Thanks everybody who voted for me! <3
quasimodoSep 22, 2018
so glad i won everything
SirAmelioSep 22, 2018
got all his beefmates to vote him i bet

lol no beef likes me less than they like baabaa

im as surprised as y'all
quasimodoSep 22, 2018
i dont even know who these pictures are and i hate reading so as far as im concerned they used fun pictures to convey i won because they didnt want a million red homers
ogwamSep 22, 2018
where was the 'least missed player' award
quasimodoSep 22, 2018
i won that but it was too mean so they didnt post it
AlyssaSep 22, 2018
Shwartz99Sep 22, 2018
did amelio seriously read though the chat to find stuff against him lol
SirAmelioSep 22, 2018!
i ctrl'd+f myself given that i won a category and wanted to see the reactions yes (why else post the scripts of the game if thats not intended?)
BebopSep 22, 2018
im surprised i was nominated or voted for anything at all are there loyalists
sl0ndermanSep 22, 2018
SirAmelioSep 22, 2018
wow... ur so cool i want to be just liek u when i grow up
Shwartz99Sep 22, 2018
uh sometimes the best alt bust doesnt show up so DAILYsimpson if you want it pm me
dzkeSep 23, 2018
move over michael phelps im the real winner here
baabaaSep 24, 2018
lol no beef likes me less than they like baabaa

im as surprised as y'all
keep me outta this
RespectSep 24, 2018
most missed player: Respect :)
Shwartz99Sep 25, 2018
oh and some of the busts dont have a transparent background for some reason; if you want a transparent background on yours pm me and i'll fix it
ShoopieSep 30, 2018
Woohoo! Go aesthetics!
rockgirlnikkiSep 30, 2018
Uh, not for nothing, but if I'm not mistaken, the "flip out and kill everyone" category was removed years ago under SirAmelio when error was nominated for it because mental health isn't a joke, but thanks anyway, I guess. I'd much rather prefer if you didn't joke like this.
rockgirlnikkiSep 30, 2018
Not for myself, but because having the category in general is pretty offensive to people that suffer with a serious condition.


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Was it rigged?