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Season Intro: https://youtu.be/851BYiVgekI

Cast Reveal and Fantasy Draft: https://epicmafia.com/topic/86557

EMVivor Rules

                                 The Hosts

                      eatemuptigs      nattless            Ginga


               cinnanie           itxLuca           Drachus               jack


                        EMVivor 3: Aleutian Islands



EMVivor 3: Day 39: Final Tribal Council

annajane's Speech

FFSierraDamnThomas's Speech

MegaRaptor789's Speech

Juror Responses

rs1993's Speech

seamusofkansas's Speech

Ally's Speech

JohnBatman's Speech

FannyChmelar's Speech

loris's Speech

Tobi's Speech

Lelmoo's Speech

FFSierraDamnThomasNov 11, 2017
I was fcked by the entire casttd like i was their bitchhh
jackNov 11, 2017
I'm Mega never being high on edgic and being behind a big gap in the very last episode.

we did the winner rankings for the final 3 before FTC began and jackson was perceived better than mega was prior to the speeches
yuujinNov 11, 2017
congrats mega!!!! xxx
deletedDec 3, 2017
Hey everyone! I decided I would make some episodes for EMVivor 3 like the EMBB 2 team is doing right now.

Episode 1: im TERRIFIED

LelmooDec 4, 2017
omfg i got an ep title wooh :o
marryDec 4, 2017
IMMA TELL MY MOM! i’m definitely going to get blindsided and not play it like, thats just 100% what’s going to happen"

deletedDec 13, 2017
FannyChmelarDec 13, 2017
my confessionals when i ever made them were so bipolar help
HyperroDec 13, 2017
"holy sh*t we might we going to tribal"

how was I not fan favorite
annajaneDec 13, 2017
" I hate luke harney. i want him to break all of his fingers. I'm srs" -aj
deletedJan 16, 2018
Wow I'm really bad at continuing to post episodes! Anyways, here's Episode 3: "A TARGET from the both of us". Named by Jake!

jackJan 16, 2018
ah, the infamous joint tribal episode
PicanteJan 16, 2018
[10:00:36 PM]Luca: survivor
[10:00:56 PM] Anna: racism
[10:01:47 PM] *** AJ ♛ has left ***

a mood
LuxuriousCreamJul 23, 2019


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