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So I recently noticed a lot of users on this website don't know the tags used in different places on the site. I'm going to list them all right here.

Note that most of this stuff I know comes from other users, like mist. I'm just compiling all into a thread so you don't have to scroll through the EM help thread looking for it.

Another note: You replace the stuff in red with your own values. This includes the curly brackets.

Even another note: Some of the symbols may show up a bit differently on different computers/browsers.

                                  means *

                                  means #


First of all, EM uses BBCode for posts. However, not all BBCode Tags work. Remember that all of these work when commenting on walls, profiles, game strategies (although some formatting may not display correctly ingame), or threads, NOT when editing profiles, creating game strategies, creating family missions, or creating threads. Here are the ones that can be used on EM:



Italics (which are red in EM):






Quote (only on forums):


Spoiler (text that is covered until moused over):




   Note: Image must be from certain websites, click here for more details. If using imgur, use http:// instead of https://



   Note: Remember to include "https://" before the URL.

Ordered Lists:

 [ol][li]{text 1}[/li][li]{text 2}[/li][/ol]

   Note: To add more items just keep adding "[li]{text}[/li]" between "[ol][/ol]". Only works on profiles.

Youtube Videos:


   Note: "id" is the ending part of the URL, for example for "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ", the "id" would be "dQw4w9WgXcQ".

Most of these can be used together. For example, if you wanted to say "hi" underlined, bolded, and italicized, you would say: "[i][b][u]hi[/u][/b][/i]".


EM uses some different coding for profiles. These work for profiles, topics, family missions, and game strategies (although some of these don't format properly ingame).

Huge Header:

 # {text}

Medium Header:

 ## {text}

Red Header:

 ### {text}

Small Text:

 #### {text}

Bold Text:


Red Text:


Ordered Lists:

  1۔ {text}

  2۔ {text}

Unordered Lists:

  ‐ {text}

  ‐ {text}



 and then at the bottom of the page:

 [{number}]: {url}

Horizontal Rule:






Centering Text:

There is no code to center text, but you can use the symbol " " to move the text over (just copy and paste it).

                    Example (highlight to see spaces)

Most of these can be used with each other as well. For example, a bold red, large header that says "hi" would be: "#***hi***"

And that's about it. If you think I forgot something to add here, just comment below. If you need any help with any of the things I said above or on something else, just PM me here and I'll be happy to help you. The mod team would probably also be able to help.


MertensApr 1, 2018
Since imgur is fk'd, what's an alternative for embedding?
Shwartz99Apr 1, 2018
Since imgur is fk'd, what's an alternative for embedding?
The only image hosting sites that are going to be working on the site are:





I'd use tinypic because photobucket doesn't like 3rd party hosting and gyazo and puush are for screenshots
LioneIApr 1, 2018
I notice rickroll link
Shwartz99Apr 1, 2018
oh sorry the real link for tinypic is here: http://www.Tinypic.com/
TheApr 1, 2018
You can upload regular images to gyazo
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nApr 2, 2018
LioneIApr 2, 2018
oh sorry the real link for tinypic is here: http://www.Tinypic.com/
2 ways to still verify links without getting tricked: highlight it (even via smartphone), select copy link address (because link text could be faked), make new tab, paste into search box without selecting enter. You know the secret link.

Another way to do it if you are on forums is quote the post where you can see the hypertext and the real site too.
MertensApr 2, 2018
Pro-tip: if you want imgur to work you have to remove the s from https:)
Shwartz99Apr 2, 2018
Pro-tip: if you want imgur to work you have to remove the s from https:)
woah ty for this tigermom and mertens
bearnutzApr 12, 2018
LinkeMay 9, 2019
LinkeMay 9, 2019
Imagine having to bump a stickied thread.
meg1mon 10d
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