Broken Games370

jack38mon 21d

Post below the link to any game that was broken by the server, and it will be refunded.

Post it as follows:

We do not refund suicides.

This thread is NOT for refunds that you've reported.

Refund requests due to game related actions should be filed as a report:

Moderators: please leave a comment if you have refunded every request in the thread, thank you!

deletedJul 20, 2018
Sorry for the delay on a lot of these. All broken games have been dealt with.
SongnearJul 26, 2018
Show hidden postgame/6659242
bewilderedSep 7, 2018
Game 6,707,499
deletedSep 7, 2018
deletedSep 7, 2018
can you help a broken heart

I don't care about the heart, but I'd like to join other games :(
DarkBSep 7, 2018
SweetPiotrSep 7, 2018
SweetPiotrSep 7, 2018
DarkBSep 7, 2018
Every single game I try and join wont let me load in
DarkBSep 7, 2018
and im stuck in another one gonna veg
deletedSep 7, 2018
TomatobotSep 7, 2018
HeckSep 7, 2018
get over it this is epicmafia dot com
cocokitty33Sep 7, 2018
Game 6,707,539
SweetPiotrSep 7, 2018
raenSep 8, 2018
SweetPiotrSep 8, 2018
6,707,601 FFS
evilboobsSep 8, 2018!

I cannot join or leave this, it's eventually going to make me veg --- not my fault!! kick me from it or something before it starts
FroggyTheFirstSep 8, 2018

I'm currently in a glitch where loading a game takes forever and in a while. Can't join another game and when I join this it will load like a long time.