Broken Games407

jack48mon 2d

Post below the link to any game that was broken by the server, and it will be refunded.

Post it as follows:

We do not refund suicides.

This thread is NOT for refunds that you've reported.

Refund requests due to game related actions should be filed as a report:

Moderators: please leave a comment if you have refunded every request in the thread, thank you!

StriderJun 4, 2020
Show hidden post^a bunch of games around that time
FlygonJul 8, 2020
ZippyvinmanJul 17, 2020
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Game needs a refund. I suicided when cloudflare crashed. You can see other games broke, but ours didnt.
charleyJul 17, 2020!
Show hidden postits impossible for us to refund suicides.
panthero18d 4h
Show hidden post - broken game. We are stuck in it. Please unbroke it.
Phoebo8d 15h
Show hidden post7,674,925

: )
RipPokkle8d 13h
Show hidden postGame 7,674,927