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iCouldBeatYouUp44mon 25d


Based on trophies, win rates and most of all how you played your best in games. Including cheaters and trolls that i've seen play seriously. Everyone's rank is based on when they're trying their best and in their respective primes (for a few thats specified in brackets).

God tier: BigBadBoy (on any tryhard account), Regfan (before playing w/ Sachy)

A++: Crypto (circa 2011 when not playing in circlejerk tables), Girallon (as catbae), Fantastic (before returning as skeptical), Jaguar (before '11), Soben (after he stopped trolling in broken english and before '12)

A+: Brownpimp007 (when running or as immaculate), Chesskid4 (when he was a secret alt as Tatatmi), Effulgence (before '11), Prevail (during his time as Flex/Fix/Knuckleballer even tho he cheated), Strider (just before he started dating Kerry), theshiv (during his time as Nero),

A: Alcoway, Anthony642 (as SonOfZeus), Atikur (when she pretended to be a guy), Belthazar666, Blastoise87 (as Gay even tho he cheated on it), Cirno (as Nimara), CocaCola, Duckhunter (before '11), Fading (as False even tho he cheated on it), Joole, Radiohated, Rednose2 (as Mertens/Temper), RickKnight (before '10), Sonseray, SystemOverload (as TweIve), Tatsuya, ThirdAug, Turquoise, ubaldooo (as Despicable), Vestige, Vigoroth (as Steven), Zyklon

A-: Achieina, Angelfire, Apeescraper, Applecidersyo, Bearissoslow, Benjerman, Billstickers, Cajunjack, Chupps, Dag, Deborah, Dreamcatcher, ElijahMikaelson (as ChaosBlaze/Eatos), epiclulz, Erica, Eritas, Forbs, Forever, Goodbar, Grace, Haymon (as Cansilo), GerryOat (as Note), Giga13, Hedger, Insanoflex, JeffreyAaron, KindaIWantTo, Kittykeri, Kittenz73, LOLUMAD (before '11), Lmaobird (as Iridescent), MachiavellianGhost, Mangofruit (as yushchenko), Nanita (as Coldsummers or Polms), Pranay7744 (as Dessicate), Radar (as Lust), Rathwins1, Redfoo (as dsmith97), Riotkiller14, RoseOnPlayer, SaintsDynasty, Slyintine, soda17, speedofstupid (as original Shacky account), theeraser, Tomato, Veiexku (as kcinowai and before '10), Vilden, xxerox (as a secret alt like lucidsnows), Zekashis

B+: Account, Alexicon (as Pinacolada), Andrew (as Masterball), Arcbell, Bacde, Bernin, BGA, bubbasparXXX, Bubbles, Calvin, Cavsfan, DangeloD (as bazookaB), Dannyboy, Dared, Dennis, DLGn, doomsday, Dreamquakes, DrJackShephard, Drysc, eckstavo, Emperorschance, Endorphins, Error, Eshbd, Ferny, Gerksterr, h1n1flu, Harodihg, Heck, HoratioCaine, Implosion, Incarcerated, itg321 (as iceaac), Jeep, Jesusofnazareth, Jezebelalli, JM123, Junter, Karmaloop, Kelly, Kerry, Lamer, Ling, lolwot, lotus, lucidrains (during start of the site), Mapreduce, Matt12, Matt55, MaximillionPegasus, MilesPrower, Miloo7, Minie, Murica, Naegiri, Nagerous, Nahdia, Nevermaf, Okeas, OTB (as misselainey), Pereking, Petricigy (before sex change), Pogoster (before going mental), Projectmatt, Raven (as Phoenix), Riddler, Rondar, Roshiez, Sachy, Sammon (as Goatemis), SGR, Shamu, Shrub, Sineadiio, Sirius, Stiffy, Sunstorm, Super, Terra, thebrontosaurus, thejkb, theonlyjazznation, Thrillvy, TMjuke (as Tibbers), Trolleyz, vashthestampede (as Vexium), Vedarshi, Vifam, Voltron, willianGallis, wsteyer (during start of the site), xjuicy (as Juke), xsonianevermindx (as Ripple), yoyo200900, ZEEnon, Zovea (before '10)

B: lionel99, jesswhite, imthefool, Facebook, cubfan90, RedCoyote, FBG, RNB, RWF, kylehlp123, KatnissTheRebel, zach420, roughnightbro, bamfcallee, nown1111, LittleV, hungryhippo, kotw10, dle9999, Nbtnbt5, Skoffin, Retti, Schezo, Minxy, rektson, Scubasteve, user80, thegeneral2112, scumboodler, Papuito, Splinterfright, DropKickDiva, pafff, ichizon, icemynipz, Acrylics, Linker, zwink, elise, sonrio, reeses, shinigami, emily, EmmerrLouise, pamda, simplypam, dannie, garyoak, KHNM, innovateur83, shmeur, Markus, Himiko, Ucklar, papoy, Hurricane13, payamcf, Vendetta, mna3631, Nikysha, Heinous, foolonthehill, godofdarkness, mafiagod, supernova, laservp, scholsey, Mastercheif, shieldbearer, Shamzy, Devante, carolineeee, amishguy, RohiniN, Tactic, Hypersoft, Sincerely, schutzekatze, Pocky, thegatso, Pamda, Betmen, evilpyro, johnreid, johnbatman, jonsnow, guyfawkes, ladynemesis, PatrykSzczescie, ponylove, burtonx, adblock, shannonx, datguiser, sweeper, gennehfarrxD, kpcptmku, aquamermaid, usagichan49, charley, stayaway, Nicol, zoolander, RaMpUrI, perro, GotConverted, IAMRobik, Jaleb, utahraptor, coolkidrox123, bebop, jackhammer, FaZ, Soluciones, scumboodler, epicsean, chooksy, billclintonIRL, benmh92, dwightschrute, nightwolfx, madains, bowlinjim, 2gamis, tonkotsu, Rin, Kuno, MisterPresident, mtlve

C+ (slightly better than average) - Not gonna make a list cuz it'd be too long

Average players or below won't be included

Post if you think you're good enough to be ranked if not already on here.

Post if you disagree with a placing or think someone is missing.

For those who posted ITT:

Below B: Rutab, Samuel, Cozy, Mindful, thecolonel, Justrec, Juneau, female, Ark, Bennychaos, annabelle, Redino, shwartz99, LeMeJoe, Jesteroz, RowanJay, Grateful, Hiariej, S1337, evolpz, peach, GayLivesMatter (hes mikeyru??)

Haven't seen your play (probably Below B): k9trip, StevoJR, overcat, carmean, Lionel, miles54321, Player, CTFaithful, jester17, CarmenK72, maxxburn, WhiteMarauder, BeepBeepLettuce

BeepBeepLettuceJun 28, 2018
Hello humans, my name is important enough to be the only one bolded here.
EdarkJun 28, 2018!
???????????????????? where is I the great edark??????????
HeckJun 28, 2018
ArmyOct 9, 2019
Eww why is Yoyo in B+ tier?
LinkerOct 9, 2019
Why did you bump this
SteelixMegaOct 9, 2019
because yoyo is in b-tier. why the fk else adam?
SteelixMegaOct 9, 2019
linker, we are literally in the same category and yoyo is in the category above us.

that is an absolute travesty and tragedy
ManDontCareOct 9, 2019
cause these young cats don’t know, so now they know
BananaOct 21, 2019
this was pretty autistic but also rly accurate
ShmeurOct 21, 2019
idek who this player was lol but b seems too high
SteelixMegaOct 21, 2019!
this was pretty autistic but also rly accurate
you are reported
BananaOct 21, 2019
this was pretty autistic but also rly accurate
you are reported


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