Competition Guide For New Players16

Anthony75mon 10d

Hello, and welcome to the thread about main lobby competitions!

To enter the competition, click the round tab, and click on the "join the competition" button. Please note you will need 1500 points from red heart games, which will require 4 total unranked games.

Now let's answer the question What is a competition? A competition is something that exists within a lobby, using gold hearts instead of red hearts, in order to compete for a trophy. The points you win in the gold heart game will go to your round total score which you can see on the lobby screen next to your red and gold hearts. Generally speaking, only six setups are able to be played competitively, chosen by the three winners from the previous round (two each).

The round tab will also have information on who is leading the round and how many hearts they have. The top 28 current scores will be displayed on the round tab, as well as the current day number. Once someone reaches 2000 points, the round will end AT 12AM EST. All days officially end/begin at 12AM EST. The top three players after the round ends will receive trophies; first will receive gold, second will receive silver, and third will receive bronze. Note: Because the round does not immediately end once someone hits 2000 points, and instead ends at the time of the server reset, the first person who achieved 2000 points won't necessarily win gold.

Good luck to everyone!

AnthonyDec 21, 2014
If I'm missing something, please let me know so I can update the OP
deletedDec 21, 2014
good job ^_^

since i suck at ranked i don't know if you missed anything but looks nice~
MeIodyDec 21, 2014
Great thread, Anthony, TY
blankDec 21, 2014
Good mspaint editing, good thread, nice
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excellent thread
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Giga13Dec 22, 2014
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Good thread Anthony
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JalebDec 27, 2014
This doesn't tell us how to trophy though :(
SimsDec 27, 2014
for 20 tokens i will write you an extensive guide on how to win
SimsDec 27, 2014
i am not trying to swindle you, i'm just trying to make a living.
RogersMay 29, 2015
no mention of suspended from competition crap guide
deletedNov 17, 2015
Hey I'm new to competition and wanted to try one out and have been reading some guides. When I clicked join competition it said "You have joined so and so" but I now have 0 golden hearts. Am I missing something?
hedgerNov 17, 2015
the round hasn't started yet, there's a day break between each round
deletedNov 17, 2015
ah okay, thanks hedger :)