Lazy Cop
  • Visits one person every night.
  • Receives a report of the person's alignment on the day after.
  • Cannot be roleblocked.
  • Appears as normal Cop to himself and upon death.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Temulence played 644 times
SEE COMMENTS played 225 times
MG – Grand Finale played 192 times
Gun Run Original played 175 times
MG – Gun Run played 118 times
MG – Grand Finale Loaded played 108 times
over 8 years
@SpiritOfFire best cop tip ever. holy
almost 9 years
A broken mess of a cop whose secondary "boost" is rarely ever in effect. I maintain it's a good role, as long as mafia doesn't have access to anything that can instakill the day his reports finally roll in.
almost 10 years
Mechanics testing: Lazy Cops don't have the question mark in their Cop meeting, whereas Sane and Insane Cops do. This is the tooltip "Choose who to investigate tonight" (?) sign below your will -- if it isn't there, you're Lazy (or Para/Naive/Confused, but no one uses those), so don't bother checking celeb. If it *is* there, you're either Sane or Insane.
over 10 years
what about a nurse can that roleblock?
over 10 years
SwagLord,he could be role blocked
over 10 years
Should have no icon, ever, cause he's too lazy to get one.
over 10 years
Is he sane or not?
over 10 years
lazy cop also known as lazy cop
over 10 years
so lazy that there is not even an icon :O
over 10 years
TheWorst role ever
over 10 years
Sounds good, I need a cop with a donut role icon though.
over 10 years
Hmmm what if he was fat because he had so many donuts... and if a thief stole his donuts he'd become regular cop again :D
over 10 years
Also cop could think he's been roleblocked by drunk or hooker.
over 10 years
That's true, but hey for shits and giggles and flavor, it'd be fun.
over 10 years
It doesn't really make a difference that he shows up as regular cop to himself, since he'll know after night one.