• Learns a role of any player who visits him.
  • Can not be killed at night or shot during day.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

MG – GS Gauntlet played 5,329 times
Extreme1 is a poor noavi :( played 2,067 times
Your favourite setup played 1,398 times
Darker than Black played 1,280 times
Clickbait played 1,134 times
Saboteur is boring  played 903 times
Casual Pants played 606 times
Hip-Fire played 377 times
SEE COMMENTS played 225 times
MG – Grand Finale played 192 times
deletedalmost 9 years
wow pls remove like granny and det combined op ban pls
about 10 years
so in this game, gramps died at night....

orienz, the gramps, has been slain.
As read from the last will of orienz: hue hue hue

thought gramps can't die ta night?
over 10 years
would be better if he didn't learn the roles of people who visited
over 10 years
is gramps protected from all day shots? or just one
over 10 years
>bitching about gramps being overpowered
over 10 years
Don't hate on the foxy grandpa
deletedover 10 years
op role but ok nice addition i guess.
over 10 years
Stupid and gay
over 10 years
Too overpowered, I agree.
over 10 years
That really needs to be added to the description.
over 10 years
Gramps learns the role AND name of the person that visits. "You learn that x is x role"
deletedover 10 years
another trash role brought to you by triplet12
over 10 years
Too overpowered.
over 10 years
SO it's like a priest...and a granny, but the person who visits them doesn't die.
deletedover 10 years
Maf-sided granny.
over 10 years
he is like detective
over 10 years
does he learn the roles of the players ? or just the roles that visited him in the way priest does