• Each night chooses a player
  • If that player is targeted for a kill that night or the next day, Martyr will be sacrificed instead
  • Sided with the village
about 5 years

- martyr target only dies when the kill is not targeted (i.e. somebody attacks BG target, martyr won't save either attacker or BG);
- even strongarmed kills will kill the martyr instead of the target;
- martyr will die even when the attack on target turns out to be unsuccessful by any other source (i.e. martyr on doc save);
- martyr visits;
- multiple martyrs on the same target: all martyrs on target will sacrifice themselves if target attacked;
- martyr will protect the target from being lynched;
- martyr on yakuza will cancel yakking;
- sacrifice cannot be saved.
about 5 years
I think if martyr's protection extended to guns as well, then it would be a better bodyguard.
about 5 years
its a worse bg. Even if the one u choose is protected by doc, u still die
about 5 years
Is it a better bodyguard?
about 5 years
Seems like a bad version of bodyguard tbh. It'd be better if it just blocked all negative actions, got a report (Someone attempted to poison X last night, etc), and only received negative actions if they were inflicted on them personally
about 5 years