• Visits one player every night.
  • Will learn if they are "Naughty" (Mafia) or "Nice" (Town) or "Neither Naughty nor Nice" (Third-party).
  • Will not receive a report if visited.
  • Visits a second player every night.
  • That person will receive an item of Santa's choice.
  • Can give guns, vests, knives, snowballs, crystal balls, or bread.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Christmafia played 865 times
Armed & Santa played 459 times
Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy played 399 times
Ruin The Christmas 2 played 381 times
Ruin the Christmas played 270 times
Hot Cross Buns played 188 times
War never changes... played 155 times
Tricked Ya played 141 times
Armed & Santa played 120 times
FabStalkNillaWolf V3 played 106 times
over 5 years
Guns for Christmas presents?
over 6 years
whats the song called it plays when you get santa at night?
over 6 years
Why santa recieved report on some 3-party(old maid for expample) as nice? It's not how santa should work.
deletedover 7 years
Santa sees miller as town, as santa sees the true alignment of all players. I believe godfather appears mafia as well, as gf's ability only works on cop reports.
over 7 years
does the santa see miller as mafia?
over 8 years
Should be able to give out keys.
over 9 years
Remove the cop aspect and this role would be more ok instead of blatantly overpowered.
almost 11 years
Most over-powered role ever
over 11 years
Seems like 3rds shows as neither nice or naughty
about 12 years
Question: How does santa appear to other santas?
about 12 years
Over-powered role
about 12 years
What does the crystal do?
over 12 years
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
over 12 years
not entirely pointless. he can bread to prove he exists instead of a gunsmith/blacksmith.
over 12 years
If santa role gives out bread and dies the famine does not happen because it only happens if baker dies making it pointless to give out bread if no baker is in the setup lol.
over 12 years
If nothing else, you should add the required two checks before Santa learns if his giftee was naughty or nice. Otherwise, Quint is right. Santa just becomes an advanced cop.
over 12 years
Not that I'm complaining just because I made and popularized the original Santa role (, but why was this set of rules chosen for the playable role instead of mine?
over 12 years
>Santa is just Cop version 2
What a suck suggestion, here's a better:
>Can see if people were good or naughty.
>If the player voted to kill anyone at any point in the game, they're naughty
>May leave presents
over 12 years

I hate you.
over 12 years
Santa should also give dolls, just because.
over 12 years
over 12 years
I think the main problem here is the "becoming blue" thing. Without it your role is pretty much good.
over 12 years
Keep in mind he can't get docced or he loses his reports.

He can't be BG'd.

He can't get vests or guns.

over 12 years
This role is really really powerful. A gunsmith, blacksmith, baker and cop in one. His cop report is always right. And if he gets killed he becomes a blue. Sure he doesn't get a report if he's visited, but he can just not claim and when he gets "killed" he can tell the town his reports.
I think it'd be better if he was 3rd party and had a win condition that the town couldn't joint with.