• Visits one person every night.
  • Receives a report with the role of that person.
  • If that person has a suit, will learn the role of the suit instead.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Overturn To Megan Fox played 324 times
I hate myself and you too. played 323 times
Fancy Points  played 189 times
Full Moon played 138 times
FabStalkNillaWolf V3 played 106 times

Available Achievements

Elementary, Watson (20)
You investigated two mafias during the night and survived.
about 13 years
Detective may obtain information by following next roles: Cops, Tracker, Watcher, Mortician, Janitor, Stalker. Optional: Detective may discover Politician's alignment. Optional X: If detective and baker chooses [playerA] person, detective will get message, that [playerA] recieved a loaf of bread.
about 13 years
I like it.
about 13 years
I like
about 13 years
I approve of this role
about 13 years
town stalker.
about 13 years
To avoid confusion:
Sided with the village.