Overturn To Megan Fox

since this is comped again imma use this as an opportunity for shameless self-promo: https://soundcloud.com/shmeur
over 12 years
lol at the title lol.
deletedabout 12 years
i like it, i wanna see it get tested.
about 12 years
This... might actually work!
deletedabout 12 years
i like the title
deletedover 11 years
Fairly solid setup. I'm a big O2R fan myself.

Town favoured so far but I don't believe it's town sided inherently so that should even out.

Obviously, Actress is an incredibly powerful role and should make for some interesting games.
deletedover 11 years
it was like 70/30 when i woke up, give it a few games to even out
deletedover 11 years
i wish i could play this without getting n1'd every time >:(
over 11 years
i should change the name to "if lacey is alive d1 she's maf"
deletedover 11 years
over 9 years
50-50 after 100 games. or is 100 too small of a sample size
over 9 years
damn 50/50 after 100 lol
almost 8 years
Well this veered scumsided