• Wins if alive when village wins.
  • Village does not win if Autocrat is alive.

In popular setups

Gun Run Original played 175 times
over 5 years
Wins if alive when village wins.
Village does not win if Autocrat is alive.

i guess nobody wins in a game where autocrat exists
about 6 years
maf uses this as a strat as long as auto is alive town won't focus on the mafia because if they do and all maf is dead auto wins.
over 7 years
good role tbh, it's funny to see town loose when they think they've won
over 7 years
-All hail Autocrat
over 8 years
Autocrat is broken. When the Autocrat dies they can still win.
about 9 years
There is literally no point in mafia/antag roles killing the autocrat anyway.

For starters autocrat win is a village lose.

Autocrat death is a partial village win.

Mafia/otherwise have nothing to gain by killing the autocrat if they know who they are because autocrats don't really count for anything.
over 9 years
The Autocrat should ether hide everyone's name or vote, similar to the Mastermind and mafia meetings.
over 9 years
Village wins = Autocrat wins = Village doesn't win.
Nice logic.
almost 11 years
Autocrat Should Only Be Killable By Lynch.
over 11 years
If visited by masons, all masons will save autocrat life with their lives
over 11 years
Whoever says Autocrat is impossible to win with, this is the overpowered part of it.
almost 12 years
This is the worst role ever.
almost 12 years
But besides that specific question, I think this role needs to be upgraded. It's nearly impossible to win as. Here's why:

1) Town is told that you are in the game, right from the start. You can't sneak up on them and they are looking for you.

2) No abilities at all to protect yourself. 'Crat should at least have a vest or something. Maybe bodyguard should have a win condition of "protecting the autocrat" so that, if he's in the game, there is incentive to help the 'crat win (something like secret service).

3) Can't really fake claim as there is nothing he can do that is "provable". You can pretty much only claim "blue" or "vivor" but neither of those are very safe. Even fool can fake-visit someone so that it shows up on a tracker/watcher report at least.
almost 12 years
Would mafia want to keep an autocrat alive? I was 'crat in a sandbox game and got to a 7 player LyLo with 3 maf, 3 town, and me. I thought about claiming to "joint" with the maf but then realized I couldn't joint - I needed town to win. Since it was LyLo, town couldn't have lynched me even if I claimed (or else they'd lose to mafia) but I was worried maf would try to kill me since I would be unlynchable (as non-maf) so I stayed quiet; and then they hit me at night anyways. Should I have claimed? Would mafia leave an autocrat alive to ensure town doesn't win even if they catch all the maf? Or would maf shoot a 'crat to keep pool of suspects open?
about 12 years
Really I think the autocrat should have a gov-like ability.
about 12 years
First comment in 3 months >:D
over 12 years
"Autocrat should totally make the town anonymous." Haha yeah definitely, hitler-style!
over 12 years
Autocrat should totally make the town anonymous.
over 12 years
Erm, I sort've fixed it actually... But it's fine.
over 12 years
Thanks to Germatron for fixing the role description.
deletedover 12 years
MMB's icon is gonna be picked, just watch.
over 12 years
Woo he's deciding to add it everything is going better than expected. Really nice icon btw MeMyself.
over 12 years
Possible gov ability since it would help town, and its really hard to win as autocrat otherwise
Iunno, thoughts?
over 12 years
Lucidrains just stated he will implement this role. Good work SerahFarron. Still can't believe he hasn't created my Communist role though T_T. Lucidrains if you read this, would you be so kind to state the changes I would have to make to the role so you may start to like it enough for Implementation? thx
over 12 years
@sunslicer2 It's supposed to be like mastermind (if it worked properly) with town instead of mafia.