• Does not participate in mafia meetings. Mafia does not know who Traitor is.
  • Appears as a innocent on Cop reports.
  • Does not count toward mafia's majority win condition.
  • Only wins if mafia wins.

In popular setups

The Best Reverse Mafia Setup played 46,619 times
lolnoobtraitormafialose played 4,787 times
All Hail Discordia played 4,700 times
Jingle all the Way played 3,888 times
Feels Good Man played 3,231 times
Traitor Training 3 played 2,947 times
Epicmafia's Favourite Four played 2,454 times
Darker than Black played 1,280 times
Reverse Survivor played 519 times
Traitorous Spy II played 472 times
over 5 years
Why is this role even a third party?
I think this is more of a mafia sided role, but...
Also, one of my favorite third party roles in addition to anarchist.
almost 8 years
if there is multiple mafia on and traitor is in the setup, traitor are in different sides of the mafia
traitor 1 is part of black mafia
traitor 2 is part of red mafia
over 8 years
Can traitor be yakked?
almost 11 years
Also, It Doesnt Count Towards The Majority, So...
almost 11 years
Does It Win With Either Mafia? If So, That May Be Why Its 3rd.
about 11 years
traitor can't be mafia, or else it would also count toward mafia winning conditions
over 11 years
great role but if not played correctly, the results can be disastrous. one of my all-time favorite setups is
over 11 years
I love roles like these
over 11 years
It says traitor is third party... surely it should just be mafia? :L
over 11 years
Why is this a third party, just a really gimp version of godfather that gives mafia an extra vote
over 11 years
The game needs a message saying, for instance, in a mafia win: "Mafia Wins! Traitor Wins! Angel Wins!" Etc. Traitor does win but it isn't recognized.
over 11 years
Does he count towards mafia's win condition though? Like if there are 6 players left - 2 mafia, 3 town, 1 traitor - does mafia win? Or do they have to force a NL and successfully night kill?
almost 13 years
No it appears as the role icon shown here.
about 13 years
Does the traitor appear as blue to himself? That'd be fucked haha
over 13 years
It's almost like playing the fool. +k
deletedover 13 years
Love traitor, you can mess with town and have a reason for doing it
almost 14 years
the blue maf....boring
deletedabout 14 years
This role takes a lot of skill and finesse to play. +k