• Starts with three charges.
  • Receives a charge every time they receive a non-deadly town visit at night.
  • Loses a charge each day, as well as if they are shot, stabbed, or attacked at night.
  • Once per day, can choose to use a charge to convert another player into a Cyborg.
  • All Cyborgs share a night meeting.
  • Only dies when their charge count hits zero.
  • Wins if the Cyborgs outnumber the town.
over 7 years
Once got -2 charge in a game after being converted. Didn't die, even though my charge that night was 0. Is this broken?
deletedover 7 years
omg dis is tu bad!1!!!1 plz buff!!1
over 7 years
this role is the opposite of Siren: Cyborg never loses
over 7 years
i approve of gunsmiths who gun cyborgs in exchange for being cyborged
over 7 years
best icon
over 7 years
Can't wait to use
over 7 years
Seems a bit useless unless it's a must-visit setup. Town can just stop visiting until the cyborg dies.
over 7 years
This sounds pretty cool. Can't wait to see it in action.