• Once a game during the day, can choose to propose to a player
  • The player must decide whether they will or will not marry the Bride
  • If they accept, both the bride and the groom will be revealed
  • Otherwise the town will know they declined
  • Sided with the village

In popular setups

Shamu Doesn't Like It played 375 times
bang the bride played 217 times
about 6 years
If bride's proposal is accepted, the bride and groom should have night meetings together.
over 6 years
Just got the message "You cannot accept the proposal. You are already in love!" As Heartbreaker. Learned something new.
almost 7 years
okay what if if bride marries priest priest gets kicked out of the church and turns to a villager
about 7 years
- Why does a bride wear a white dress?
- Because she wants to show everyone how happy she is.
- And why is a groom dressed in black?
deletedabout 7 years
I love Bride but I fear it's a bit too op

Maybe if the person Bride chooses to propose to rejects her/dies, she should die too
about 7 years
Well, too bad for actress.
over 7 years
Can we change the system message so it doesn't reveal bride OR groom? I've been experimenting with bride/actresss setups and the actress is basically confirmed if they're on bride.
over 7 years
Yeah that's why I compare it sort of to a "day oracle," in that it really can solve a cc right there and then. Or even, it can put a mafia on the spot, and obviously they have to come up with a reason why they would decline being autoclear (Like "I'm the doc! I didn't want maf to target me." or "I'm the bomb! I want to conceal my role.)
over 7 years
When I first read this role, I too thought "This is just something for roleplayers in Dangan lobby or something." But if you think about it, there are a few clutch situations where it could be useful. Say you're cc'ing cop. Since the proposal happens during the day, the bride can propose to one of the two cop claims and if the real cop accepts, he is cleared and you can lynch the other one. Alternatively, if one declines, it may be a sign that he's the illegitimate claim.
deletedover 7 years
im saying no to every bride that ever comes near me cause im a home of sexuals
over 7 years
Sure, being a lover is cool and all. But there's no greater love than ROLE-REVEALING MARRIAGE
over 7 years
Cutest Role right now..
over 7 years
what's the point of this role?
over 7 years
ah let people have their fun
deletedover 7 years
overcomplicated roles that dont add anything to the game. -k