Shamu Doesn't Like It

basically this is just vdli but so much worse
deletedover 5 years
this is just a VDLI variant (2 uncc'able prs, d1 ML with uncertainty)

all i wanted was a scumhunt setup including the most adorable/underrated em role (enchantress)
over 5 years
should make this infiltration with one less blue so that the strategy is the same but PR can't die on n1 leaving town at a major disadvantage
deletedover 5 years
ya i definitely agree that infiltration would be good for this.

i'd like to see what WR is at around 150 plays+.

when i checked at 80 plays it was 49-50 (mafia sided) and rn its at 90 plays 52-47 (townsided)
over 5 years
50% mafia winrate isnt maf sided rofl
deletedover 5 years
oh when i said "mafia/townsided" i didn'tm mean it as in unbalanced towards that alignment, just that the WR was in favor of those alignments.

at 155 plays its 48-51, which is actually around what i was hoping for
almost 5 years
i like this setup
deletedalmost 5 years
there's been a ton of confusion with the mechanics so i rewrote the town strat, if it's still confusing lmk
almost 5 years
beautiful setup

- room for maf creativity with suits
- always room for mafia to bounce back if either of the mafia is lynched
- suits / crystal / bride allow for interesting mechanics + interactions
- whispers biggest pro of this setup

great to run on this round and i hope to see it compped again soon