• Can send anonymous messages to any role.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Coco's Epic setup. played 42,709 times
JFK Assassination V3 played 33,511 times
Cry n' Spy played 5,450 times
Manhunt played 5,312 times
Jingle all the Way played 3,888 times
Hollywood Delusions played 3,281 times
Color Anon Coco's Epic Setup played 1,903 times
Your favourite setup played 1,398 times
Mafia + Killer + Agent + Fool played 1,183 times
Saboteur is boring  played 903 times
deletedover 9 years
Good with mastermind.
about 11 years
Who nerfed my spy?
almost 12 years
quick question... is the spy reading a pamphlet or is he wearing a vest? its hard to tell
almost 12 years
Yep, spy is definately bugged.
almost 12 years
Spy is glitched. He can only contact 3rd party and mafia at the moment.
over 12 years
:l When i was Spy i could only contact maf and 3rd party
almost 13 years
Agent is the town version.
about 13 years
There should be 2 spy roles. A town spy and a mafia spy.
about 13 years
Spy, gentlemen.
about 13 years
Spy is not wearing a vest he is holding a book.
over 13 years
Favorite roll here.
over 13 years
Often a troll role, but can hold the mafia team together if used properly. Spy contacts provide a leakproof whisper system, a way to communicate with mafia members who don't share a meeting (thief and silencer), and an easy way to create jointwins with third-party roles. Just today, I managed to organize a killer-maf jointwin by contacting the killer and silencer.
almost 14 years
Stupid fun :D Easy to slip up with, though.
about 14 years
i want it bad
about 14 years
Its better than agent.
deletedabout 14 years
best role in the game