• Appears innocent on cop reports.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Basic Variant played 17,700 times
Who can catch the godfather? played 7,689 times
Super is a cumguzzling slut played 6,584 times
Back to Night School (B2NS) played 5,594 times
Catch me if you can played 4,738 times
Great And Innovative played 4,325 times
Back To Basics played 4,099 times
Shoot Pranay played 3,753 times
B2NS Dawnstart played 1,772 times
Carbon 14 Dawnstart played 1,771 times
about 7 years
This role should have more powers... Like leading the maf kill or one vest
about 12 years
make a godfather looking character from the movie not this rebbi guy
about 13 years
guilty on paranoid and insane.

paranoid sees everyone as guilty, and insane sees the reverse of what he's supposed to.
over 13 years
How about insane and paranoid cops? Is he inno on them too
about 14 years
PublicEnemy: Looks like a Rabbi. Imo.