• Visits one person and himself.
  • That person is converted to mafia, and the Yakuza dies.
  • Cannot be saved.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Every man for himself! played 3,850 times
Epicmafia's Favourite Four played 2,454 times
Play this if you have brains played 2,326 times
Trust No One played 1,752 times
I'm has name nau plx played 1,292 times
What a Big Headache! played 810 times
City of Delusions played 770 times
Fisher Price DLYV played 673 times
Critical Thinking played 585 times
163-1213 played 509 times
over 7 years
new icon makes NO sense at all!! D:
almost 9 years
https://epicmafia.com/setup/9323 can't even exist anymore
about 10 years
Mechanics testing: After the new update, Yak effectively strengthens the kill against itself. It does the Strongman thing, on itself. This means it can't be saved by vests, docs, surgeons etc; if the Virgin is lynched, however, the Yak is free to yak, as Virgin protection (and Angel, for that matter) overrides the Yak self-strongkill. Yes, this means you can't claim poisoned as yak and expect it to work. Capiche?
over 10 years
If Maid Maids a Yak who is Yakking, Yak goes through, and both Maid and Yak die
about 11 years
Of Course The Japanese Gets Sacrificed.
deletedalmost 12 years
Mimic is stronger converter than yak -_-
about 13 years
Doc saved the yak both times.
about 13 years
yak converted two people and still didn't die the entire game. glitch?

over 13 years
His skin is yellow. Dat's sum racist shit right dere.
almost 14 years
Possibly the easiest mafia role to play as.
about 14 years
I was shrink first night.
I was yakked.
The person I shrinked was the other one to be yakked.
I SCREWED myself.
about 14 years
a great maf role if you know a better maf than you XD
about 14 years
All-time favorite mafia role.
about 14 years
No... just no...
deletedabout 14 years
Best mafia role ever