Every man for himself!

Everyone's a liar and a cheat.

Who will end up as the yak's target? Will the shrink be successful in stopping him? Can the lyncher joint on day 2? If so, with town, or with scum? Will the fool be clever enough to get lynched, or will they joint with the yak's target? Can doc arrange to contact the yak and protect him on night 1? Anything can happen.

See strategies here: http://wiki.epicmafia.com/index.php?title=Setup9323
deletedover 13 years
Can't you just mass-claim and force the yak to CC something?
over 13 years
Town isn't the majority. So no.
almost 13 years
Its fairly balanced between the town and mafia.
deletedalmost 13 years
regardless of whether or not this is balanced, this is not a fun game nor does it require any skill at all... also it encourages griefing
deletedalmost 13 years
ichizon wtf did u really comp this >.<
almost 13 years
setups like these should NOT be comp...
almost 13 years
if lyncher's target is fool, it's gg right away lol
over 12 years
This is the most retarded farm set up I've ever seen.
deletedover 12 years
It's ironically called every man for himself.
over 10 years
whos down for bringing this strategy back?
almost 9 years
And now this is blacklisted. Blacklist the entire website please.
almost 7 years
Nice and fun setup