• Must visit one person every night.
  • Kills that person.
  • Wins if alive alone or among the final two.

In popular setups

Coco's Epic setup. played 42,709 times
Manhunt played 5,312 times
All Hail Discordia played 4,700 times
Feels Good Man played 3,231 times
SK vs. Mafia played 2,841 times
Color Anon Coco's Epic Setup played 1,903 times
HYPER'S AMN SETUP played 1,606 times
Mafia + Killer + Agent + Fool played 1,183 times
Shrink the Cult played 930 times
Coco's Epic Mario played 600 times
almost 6 years
i dont think killer should win with mafia. he is more like a manaic that just wants to kill everyone
almost 10 years
shouldn't auto win if was amen during day and takes role of killer ? lol
almost 10 years
The answers are: 1) Inno 2) No, Only killer wins.
about 10 years
1) What does he appear on cop report?
2) if the last 2 are 1 town and 1 killer, do town also win?
over 10 years
love it
almost 11 years
If you get outted as the killer, you can often offer to work for the townies if they'll just let you live a bit longer.
over 11 years
It seems that if the hook hooks the killer, the killer kills the hooker instead of his normal target.
over 11 years
I think the role should have an option to win with mafia for less points... kinda like the fool being able to townside.
almost 12 years
Why only 79 up, it's an historical role and still a good one
deletedalmost 12 years
"I think he needs a bulletproof or something." I agree.
over 12 years
So basically if all mafs are dead and killer is left with town, the can just claim and shrink shrinks hima nd town wins. LAME
over 12 years
Not sure if its a glitch or what, but in a game with no shrink and no priest somehow the killer was converted to blue.
over 12 years
Now killer can out as long as shrink is live and simply offer his vote with town. :D
over 12 years
I think he needs a bulletproof or something.
about 13 years
Killer CANNOT joint with village, but they can joint with any third party or mafia.
deletedover 13 years
Killers can joint win with village and mafia
over 13 years
Everyone love me :D
over 13 years
This gives lyncher a close run for my fav. And it is so satisfying when you win
over 13 years
over 13 years
I love winning with the killer. It fills you with satisfaction! *_*