• Can send anonymous messages to any role not aligned with village.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Coco's Epic setup. played 42,709 times
Manhunt played 5,312 times
Color Anon Coco's Epic Setup played 1,903 times
Mafia + Killer + Agent + Fool played 1,183 times
A Lesson in Oration played 652 times
Coco's Epic Mario played 600 times
This Means War played 384 times
Setup 1093357 played 269 times
SEE COMMENTS played 225 times
Epicmafia Roulette 2.0 played 200 times
over 9 years
How the hell am I supposed to tell who's who?
over 9 years
i hate this damn role
deletedover 9 years
This is the entire role in two photos:
about 11 years
Very underrated role. Great for trolling scum with spam and very useful for knowing roles in closed setups. He can claim easily too. The best part is jointing with scum by contacting them. Forcing nl on cult lylo is great.
over 12 years
i fucking love this role.
i was agent and got silenced n1. SO PISSED.
but then it turned out okay because being a zombie is chill.
almost 13 years
Icegoten: So the Agent is fun because you can use it to cheat in certain setups?
almost 13 years
Agent is fun when there is a yak and a quack in the setup. He can find out who both are and get the quack to be on the yak every night and then the yak can reward the agent by putting him on the winning team as he continues to yak until maf wins.
over 13 years
Actually pretty sure it was supposed to be like Dick Tracy.
over 13 years
Has anyone noticed that the agent kinda looks like the man in the yellow hat from curious George...
deletedalmost 14 years
Best role evar! +1 for it!
about 14 years
Spy is better.