This Means War

The Spies co-ordinate kills D1. Agent can try to disrupt this. The Cop can either claim D1 and lead a lynch or risk waiting until he has a report.

Remember: The Mafia's can't both win! - Check out a more refined version:
over 11 years
Remember, try and make these 33/33/33, not 50/50
over 11 years
It should be x/y/50 where x+y = 50.
over 11 years
But x and y should be ~25.
almost 11 years
oh shit my red spy win dragged points down from 116 to 110 oops
over 10 years
this is beautiful
over 10 years - A anonymous version. I don't know if i can do that, but i gave all the credits to you.
over 10 years
New idea for this set-up: