Game Mechanics

Game Options

You can whisper in this game.
Start Day
This game starts on day instead of night.
Must Lynch
You must lynch during the day.
Must Act
You are forced to take an action at night!
The first night is reserved for meetings without actions.
After the last villager votes, the town is given 10 seconds to retract.
Mafia cannot kill on the first night of the game
Quiet Night
Members of meetings cannot speak during the night
In graveyard games, players can additionally banish a player to the underworld each night
No Reveal
When a player dies, his/her role will not be revealed.
Reveal Alignment
Only reveal alignment when players die!
Last Will
You can leave a message that will be revealed when you die.
Closed Roles
This setup is randomly generated...
Once the game starts, everyone is disguised!
Multiple Mafias
There are two competing mafia teams!

Game Items

Used during the day. When used on a player, it kills that player.
Vests can protect against guns.
One use item.
Used during the day. When used on a player, it roleblocks that player the next night.
One use item.
Used during the day. When used on a player, it causes that player to bleed.
Bleeding players are immune to other forms of attacks, but will die the next day cycle.
One use item.
If a player is attacked, the vest will protect them and then be destroyed.
Passive item.
If a player is attacked, they and their attacker will both die.
Passive item.
Players pass the bomb between each other until the timer runs out and the bomb kills the player holding it.
Timed item.
Chooses one person at night with the crystal.
If a player is attacked and dies, the person they chose will have their role revealed.
One use item.
So long as a player is holding bread they are immune to a famine's effects.
A bread is consumed every night.
Passive item.
When used, the player will be immune from visits at night.
One use item.
When used, the player may see the names of anyone who visited them the night prior.
When not being used, the player will see the names of people speaking on a lightkeeper day and cannot be blinded.
One use and passive item.
A player does not know if they have a suit. The suit changes how one's role appears on reports and upon death.
Passive item.