The Faceless Knights

owned byGuyFawkes85 March 10, 2015 3:57pm

This is the story of how a random group of people became a group of friends and more, a family.

>> One day of 2015 — it was March 10th, to be precise — a user who hadn't been here for long decided to create a family with this mission in mind: "We're here to bring equilibrium to all that suffered an unbalance and make sure that what is already in harmony stays that way."

That user was not a simple player of EM, but a visionary who wanted to restore PEACE ON EM (yes, a real dreamer). He even got to be a mod and a mentor, but eventually had to leave the website for reasons unknown as of now. << GuyFawkes85

The Faceless Knights is our name, and we are here to accomplish that mission, and to be the #1 family, in honour of our founder: JonSnow


Motto: We win united or lose divided!

The north remembers: Lucy, RedVelvet, Jordies, cfcforlife101, AdBlock, schutzekatze, Lukageo, EileenShiau, Body, Rae, Ominoire, PonyLove, Evance90, THeLiViNGLaND, Sincerely, mindful, MafiaGod

Family Goals:

  • Reach 300K points ✔
  • Reach 500k points ✔
  • Reach 1 million points ✔
  • Reach 1.5 million points ✔
  • Reach 2 million points ✔
  • Reach 2.5 million points ✔
  • Reach 3 million points
  • Reach 500 Karma ✔
  • Reach 1000 Karma ✔
  • Reach 1500 Karma ✔
  • Reach 2000 Karma ✔
  • Maybe win a trophy someday, who knows. ✔
  • Have fun while playing games together! ✔

  • Become one of the Highest ruling families! ✔
  • Become one of the Most decorated families! ✔
  • Get to top 3 families! ✔
  • Be family #1! ✔

Allies: Sweet Dreams; Outliers; SilentOops