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What are you gonna do when Golbamania runs wild on you?


To be the Force of Nature that pulls Sandbox's greatest wrongdoers into chaos when they lie, abuse or otherwise manipulate the community.

Official Sandbox forum thread: https://epicmafia.com/topic/78634

Families in Association with Golbamania:

Allied Families


  • SnowyB- Founder and first Captain of the #Bootysquad; never joined the Golbamaniacs but was a member of the rings that preceded it. https://pastebin.com/WihDxMR0
  • ChaoticDoom- Sinister siscon with a heart of gold and a hatred for all things Ezra Bridger. Off in the ether writing Star Wars fanfiction as far as I'm aware.
  • butterpototo- :0 Hilarious emo weeb from Sandbox Destiny with a great sense of humor. Hopefully she'll return one day. 0:
  • Moomo- Ezequil, Ploshy, Littlefoot, Moomo, Granted; best profile in the world, troll with a heart of gold, and Golbamaniac martyr.
  • Izzy- jewlf,
  • Ballsy- One of the original Templars. May he live on in our hearts.
  • Arials92- See above.