The Faceless Knights


This is the story of how a random group of people became a group of friends and more, a family.

>> One day of 2015 — it was March 10th, to be precise — a user who hadn't been here for long decided to create a family with this mission in mind: "We're here to bring equilibrium to all that suffered an unbalance and make sure that what is already in harmony stays that way."

That user was not a simple player of EM, but a visionary who wanted to restore PEACE ON EM (yes, a real dreamer). He even got to be a mod and a mentor, but eventually had to leave the website for reasons unknown as of now. << GuyFawkes85

The Faceless Knights is our name, and we are here to accomplish that mission, and to be the #1 family, in honour of our founder: JonSnow


Motto: We win united or lose divided!

The north remembers: Lucy, RedVelvet, Jordies, cfcforlife101, AdBlock, schutzekatze, Lukageo, EileenShiau, Body, Rae, Ominoire, PonyLove, Evance90, THeLiViNGLaND, Sincerely, mindful, MafiaGod

Family Goals:

  • Reach 300K points ✔
  • Reach 500k points ✔
  • Reach 1 million points ✔
  • Reach 1.5 million points ✔
  • Reach 2 million points ✔
  • Reach 2.5 million points ✔
  • Reach 3 million points
  • Reach 500 Karma ✔
  • Reach 1000 Karma ✔
  • Reach 1500 Karma ✔
  • Reach 2000 Karma ✔
  • Maybe win a trophy someday, who knows. ✔
  • Have fun while playing games together! ✔

  • Become one of the Highest ruling families! ✔
  • Become one of the Most decorated families! ✔
  • Get to top 3 families! ✔
  • Be family #1! ✔

Allies: Sweet Dreams; Outliers; SilentOops

over 5 years
Belated happy 4th anniversary. Proud of y'all <3
over 5 years
You should rename yr fam to The Faceless Pirates and merge with Pirates.
over 6 years
may I join this beautiful family?
over 6 years
Change your bio to not say you are number 1
over 6 years
Salty, I mean I gave you the fam members you needed to make #1. My deal with the family bit was simply this, that you'd all make it competitive and make it some what enjoyable so that people would take pride in them again. Which kind of happened. 1.) There needs to be a flux of who is at the top. 2.) Competition for #1 needs to be worked for. 3.) Make things outside of the family wall for people to do. I can delete anything you want me to, just PM me. Being in the family game for ... well since 2011 ... you don't get to be #1-5 without a challenge or a little hate/love on your wall that is annoying.
over 6 years
Honestly, this family was built from nothing and has been the nr 1 family for more than 2 years. If you still care for these childish things, congratulations for being nr1, but stop being pricks by posting messages like that.
over 6 years
you mean number 2?
over 6 years
Welcome Nicol, it's nice to have both you and Shoopie in this family :)
over 6 years
Hi :3
over 6 years
Fixed :)
over 6 years
mfw they didnt add me to the remember list
over 6 years
Good luck MafiaGod, i'm rooting for you!
over 6 years
Only 3 days and Chronic is back at #5. hmmmmmmm
over 6 years
Welcome Shoopie :)
over 6 years
Hello everyone!

Nice to meet/see some of you! :)
deletedover 6 years
invite me pls
over 6 years
It has been real fun thanks.
almost 7 years
When this group forgot about it's best ally way back
almost 7 years
what's up Azai
almost 7 years
What should we do when we reach 3.000.000 points? :)
almost 7 years
Meow :3
almost 7 years
I AM HERE! I am just in Sandbox, another part of the realm...
deletedalmost 7 years
oh, I think it was qesuited who left. I wish arch, trolleyz, Ladynemesis, and Zwink were back
almost 7 years
Thanks DG! :)
deletedalmost 7 years
Reach 2000 karma, got that done for ya