im the cow of epic mafia -_-

first we lynch the innos. then we lynch the cop. then we throw the blues in da bin.

follow this strategy and you will win every game



20 / 20Super Sleuth!
8 / 20Do No Harm
6 / 20He's Batman
5 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 10Scumhunter
over 7 years
I maketh a humble request -- replace your blood with hydrochloric acid. A catheter is all you need to channel the flow into your veins and vessels.
about 9 years
+k to 53 :) return? <3
deletedover 9 years
+1 profile song
over 11 years
+k'ed(: return? <3
almost 12 years
+k, since I can't get you on my alt "Chantel". Good game!
almost 13 years
I'm back :) Maybe not as much as I used to be but
I'm backk
about 13 years
gg, I plussed you :)
deletedabout 13 years
+k so fucking much
deletedabout 13 years
Really ben?
deletedabout 13 years
Back to 59 for single handedly winning that game
deletedabout 13 years
Claiming tracker and outing masons in reverse mafia is not good. I will refrain from negging you this once.
about 13 years
Go back to being in incognito k thanks.
deletedabout 13 years
You are fucking hilarious.
about 13 years
You would know I'm being a typical woman because you are used to the rejection?
about 13 years
I'm never going to accept your friend requests.
about 13 years
If you don't care, then leave her alone.
about 13 years
sonotlayuh doesn't want to be your friend. Leave it at that.
deletedabout 13 years
Plussed by 6, pls return.
about 13 years
+k for the +k :D
about 13 years
sure, my list is only composed with nice buddies :) cya !