The end.


6 / 10Scumhunter
5 / 25Eye of the Beholder
3 / 20Clint Eastwood
2 / 15New Sheriff in Town
1 / 10I'm Towntelling!
about 12 years
you have turned into one of the worst mafia players on this site very quickly. Its a shame, I remember you being far better
over 12 years
MakeOut! Kudo me yeah? Had town fooled :# It was an awesome idea!
over 12 years
+K for winning that, gj, and psh, my words caused confusion
almost 13 years
Warned for insufficient participation in .

Please argue your point and respond to this thread within the next day or otherwise I will refund the game and your warning is set in stone.
deletedalmost 13 years Hi, you've been suspended 1 day for fakeclaiming cop in this game. Don't do things like this in the future, thanks!
deletedalmost 13 years
Thanks, I returned it.
about 13 years
+k gg
about 13 years
those 2 games u didn't do anything good.. so i won't +k u
deletedabout 13 years
trash player, tabs out and doesn't try, ignores all logic and uses hue to decide lynches on lylo. Avoid at all costs.
about 13 years
+k for this account aswell then :)
about 13 years
i tak 2 of ur karma 4 being bad at gam
deletedabout 13 years
Probably best if you try to talk more during games:
Even if you're lagging.
deletedabout 13 years
about 13 years
And everything went better than expected! You did a good job venting cop, mafbro.
about 13 years
k- for being retarded as fuck
about 13 years
+K Because we hate similar things.
about 13 years
fucking dumbass, why play if you gonna be afk...
about 13 years
Reported and -K
deletedabout 13 years
Learn to fucking READ. CLAIM when you're supposed to claim and I won't find you scummy. Simple as that.
about 13 years
+4k returned