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Beware the bunny... he is here, watching...

cloud speaks in third person, so don't be surprised.

Guise test: ask cloud to rant about his avatar. Or maybe about his eye color. Just make him rant. And remember, if it doesn't sound like a rant, cloud is guised.

cloud's bestest EM buddy evar: Liva148

other bestest buddy evur: IcyFlame

Married to: wakemeupxo

sometimes life isn't about getting laid or being successful; it's also about having a close relationship with people you resonate with. if you are suffocating from a lack of purpose in life, at the very least you can find some purpose just by being nice to each other. but the worst thing you can do is buy into the mentality that society wants you to have, because ultimately it is designed to make you unhappy. -lucidrains


If you need to contact cloud, send an email to


you can't go wrong with fruit -AdrenalineMime

cloud was a part of the 1 millionth game!

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deletedover 11 years
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?
A lot moar for a bunny than for a human :(


1 / 10Gotcha!
1 / 25Explosion!
1 / 15New Sheriff in Town
deletedabout 12 years
please delete that thread
about 12 years
I'm not sure where else to reply to your post on my page, so here will have to do.

It was an accident, I didn't deliberately not vote. He voted to kick me. I explained all of this on report page.
deletedabout 12 years
Oh shit! I apologize! Killing there should have ended the game, so I left. Either I miscounted or maf goofed.
about 12 years
don't tell me how to play my game, i don't tell you how to play you're game
about 12 years
you are one of the worst things to ever happen to this site
deletedabout 12 years
You're a bad mod lol. Lucidrains posted the pictures of himself on synchtube lol.
deletedabout 12 years
I'll try to not slip up again!!!!!
deletedabout 12 years
cloud y
deletedabout 12 years
veggin and suicide are two different things and I had a very well explained reason to do so
deletedabout 12 years
please give him a warning as well. goodbar has talked this over with him but he continues to provoke me in thread and in game. you've read everything - i said nothing against him lmao. i rly don't care for him at all. he's just being a big whiny baby.
deletedabout 12 years
Cloud baby what happened I missed most of it. PM me? And please tell me riot got demodded that pretintious cunt with a god complex thought he was invincible and he was so fucking annoying.
about 12 years
Even though I dont really like you I would act the same as u did in that situation if I were a mod. Just wanted you to know.
deletedabout 12 years
However you should probably give me MSN instead since mine doesn't receive requests.
deletedabout 12 years
Hello there Cloud, I'd like to talk to you at [email protected]. You might be interested in what I have to say.
about 12 years
:) :)
about 12 years
no problem! Like I said in the thread I made in complaints, you were nice enough to do it before. I was sure you weren't maliciously not trying to put it in there. lol.
about 12 years
can cloud +k this so i can test it
about 12 years this thread should be put in the announcements for a community vote about kudos. An example announcement would be "Do you think people should be forced to vote for kudos? Vote on this issue in the forums!"
about 12 years
I sent you a message. Please check your inbox.