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IHi EM, friends! After a lot of thought, I've decided to leave EM. I have a lot of reasons for this, most of them personal. I've enjoyed my time here for the most part, and met some really cool people. Special shout out to: Tiana12, TopicalX, RozayyReckless, Mitra, morthrop4, Songin, Ravennn, Notoriously/Mtn (I remembered this time) :D, Boxness, Carmen, Myx, Daprinceomar and EurusHolmes. I've truly had a blast scumhunting and towntelling wuth you guys and gals.

I also would like to apologize to anyone I've ticked off here. Part of the reason I'm leaving is because I tend to get triggered online, when I'm actually a lot nicer in person. And thats not how I want to be online or off.

Thank you also to all the great mods who assisted me, and reviewed my many reports. Muki, Elfen, LesbianPirate, Alyssa and Possses

Part of me wants to take this time to reveal my alt, but I'm not going to. Since I may want an undercover way to come back and visit on rainy sundays. :)

Friends and foes alike, I wish all off you happy, fulfilled lives. Find what will make you truly happy. I've done that, and now I want to spend more time taking advantage of it IRL.

Happy scumhunting!

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over 5 years
victor who am i
A pikachu.
over 5 years
Thanks for being like... maybe the 2nd nice person all over this game lol I appreciate your patience c:
You're very welcome! Gotta help each other out. :D
deletedover 5 years
hi. you’re great. ok bye
You are too! Sorry im afk so much. :*(
over 5 years
how do i send a friend request?
Idk how to do it outside of a game :/


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20He's Batman
7 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
4 / 25Explosion!
2 / 10I'm Batman.
deletedabout 5 years
i seen you come back....i miss you loser!!!!!!
about 5 years
@Othet, the fact that you commented here months after he left, shows what a sad, miserable, void you have in your pathetic excuse for existence.
about 5 years
Good riddance you complete waste of space. I hope you broke your appendages in an accident so you never will disgrace the net with your brainless drivel
over 5 years
Sure thing, Milton.

(Found you!)
over 5 years
hey, quick question victor before you leave
are you actually 45 irl? im just a bit curious
over 5 years
Bye, maybe this will force me to make peace with you IRL.
over 5 years
I don't think you know me that well, but I'll miss ya. For the games we played together, they were pretty fun. Cya and hf
over 5 years
An excellent scumhunter. LOL
over 5 years
Well, well, well...
What do we have here?
over 5 years
I thought we were friends phlo. :*( How will i put the pieces of my life back together.
over 5 years
Hes on of my alts dumbass. Besides, you're well known for being trash.
over 5 years
I love when people judge me after one game I've played with them. Keep the hate coming! It fuels me.
over 5 years
You're trash and are almost always wrong. I hate playing with you because you have yet to hammer correctly and fos people for no reason.
over 5 years
Love you too! ?
over 5 years
VictorGrimm: A player who's ego is bigger than his talent.
over 5 years
Lol. True
deletedover 5 years
+K for actually being good but always losing to me
almost 6 years
Hi Politically
almost 6 years
hi : )