Trapped in training lobby-HELP
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Zenboraku - You will be dearly missed <333

Dammit AGENT AAS/PAUL - Stop deleting yourself :( You are so much fun to play with...come back :(

I miss TallTopHat and xXLunaticLamentXx as well... :(

No...WANNAPLAYAGAME is also gone... One of my heroes on EM... I miss you, my tormentor and permanently high friend! :(

Goodbye Mammoth... Looks like you finally decayed, our sweet troll partner <3

This the epitome of win and fail and "wtf?" I spectated this game...and was laughing so hard all the way through...


+K if you hate people who -K you when they lose :D

eFallon is my hero on EM :)

If you're gonna -K me, have the guts to tell me why, so I can return the favour, chicken ;)

Officially the oldest newbie in the game Love me or hate me--it's still an obsession

"natty is the coolest no avi in the game you cant kill her" - Radamanthos

It's hard for me to claim. I simply can't. I use Internet Explorer. It doesn't allow me to whisper. There are other methods of claiming, though... :/

If you don't like the way I play, then either get a sense of humour or gtfo :)

Awsome game where I'm the Stalker and Lawyer Stiles is on me ;)

Owned by the mafia <3 ~~~~~ Can't believe I won as a mason... ~~~~~ Silly town...killed first night and baker xD ~~~~~ Best. Oracle. Game. Ever! XD I got to hammer on a messed up the mafia XD ~~~~~ Ha...haha... ~~~~~ I be pro stalker... lawl xD ~~~~~ I'm on a roll as the stalker XD ~~~~~ Lying is a skill? ~~~~~ Shini and me and madness and lks and oracles <3 ~~~~~ What a game... XD Hooker vs Drunk ~~~~~ So much lying and deceit from mafia and cultists.... xD ~~~~~ Just an epic game...n1 jailer down, second jailor survies xD ~~~~~ I claimed cop while silenced as a villager and faked a guilty on Voldemort who was actually stalker and protected by lawyer while real cop got an innocent on him <3 ~~~~~ Fail driver made us laugh <3 ~~~~~ Another fail driver <3 ~~~~~ Fake claiming cop is slowly becoming a skill xD ~~~~~ Solid game xD ~~~~~ Mind f*cked xD ~~~~~ Nice shot, vigilante. XD ~~~~~ Town started out so win with an awsome vig and orc...but then it just was total failure from there... ~~~~~ 'Cause we're all in this together <3 (Tracked driver and got bread n1) ~~~~~ Awww...Fally <3 ~~~~~ Racism gets you nowhere, kids... ~~~~~ The vig shoots me, the cop, after we lycnh my guilty. I lol'd ~~~~~ This is how you f*cking play EM as village. Watcher and Granny OWNED <3 ~~~~~ I got negged for this game. Because I won as mafia. Fulgrim gonna hate :P ~~~~~ So intense ;-; ~~~~~ ROFL. Suck it, interceptor! You're no match for the one and only oracle! XD ~~~~~ Holy **! 120 points from killer win O.O ~~~~~ This game lasted 10 days...'cause mafia was too scared to the end, no one got points... xD ~~~~~ I laughed all the way through this game...and then got points as maf without doing much :P ~~~~~ The good guys can also lie <3 (Cop and Jailer switched roles after I was jailed) ~~~~~ Wow, Linney...just wow... ~~~~~ Oh, LOL...this how NOT to play EM: ~~~~~ AcidRainbows... This pro ~~~~~ Sadie <3 What a random game of no reveal <3 ~~~~~ Fun times XD (Forget you and forget her too! D:) ~~~~~ More fun times! XD (Thanks Luna! :D) ~~~~~ Fun time with Weed, Luna and yah XD ~~~~~ Baker killed d1. I as amnesiac take baker to save town. And this is why you don't give guns to survivours: ~~~~~ just happened? Killer and witch killed each other instead of cop and tracker? XD ~~~~~ Longpinkboa's first game with me <3 ~~~~~ Do eet! Shoot the killer! DO EET! XD ~~~~~ Lawl...what a game full of candies and giggles ~~~~~ And then the fight started... I'm a singer, too! :D ~~~~~ TeamFourStar: Natty, Yahmom, Zephyr, Kiyo <3 This is what a true alliance is made of <333 ~~~~~ TFS is epic XD Kiyo and me as jailers <3 and the me and Zep as masons <3 ~~~~~ Kiyo is freaking pro at wielding a gun... ~~~~~ Buckle up, first on the mafia bus <3 ~~~~~ What the hell happened here with TFS and ScornedSaint? XD ~~~~~ Silence is golden... ~~~~~ Bahahahaha...I win as the only mafia between 8 gunsmiths <3 ~~~~~ fargo...funny "troll" :P ~~~~~ I as GS visit granny...while doc visits me...the power of TeamFiveStar <3 ~~~~~ They see me trolling, they leavin' <3 ~~~~~ I be pro shrink. Game ends n1 after yak yaks the shrunk person. ~~~~~ xD This is how you turn an auto lose into auto win, kids: ~~~~~ Pretty lolzy faking vantril... ~~~~~ The freaking madness...but don't mess with yah <333 (And I need to read faster >.>) ~~~~~ Need to improve on my lying ability (no thanks to my 2 quits as soon as the game starts and the other doesn't do anything...3 way lylo <3) ~~~~~ Cult > Mason, aparrantly :/ (I masoned the cult while the cult culted me...) ~~~~~ I feel bad about fake claiming and lying...but feels good to win as fool <3 ~~~~~ The Natty method: This is how I'll mindf*ck you xD ~~~~~ I got a gun and shot maf d1 with lights out. I die at night and oracle a mafia. I got 2 mafias in a row! XD And village still loses... ¬¬ ~~~~~ This is why I keep playing these oracles games xD ~~~~~ Bad set up. Good times. ~~~~~ Hehe, I sure can weild a gun <3 ~~~~~ I love guns <3 (Flawless maf victory :P) ~~~~~ Good (and ironic) orc game <3 ~~~~~ Game with Zen and Sadie <3 Cultists win :D ~~~~~ Zenny <3 ~~~~~ Guns and bullets <3 ~~~~~ Just a lolzy game... ~~~~~ Beep beep. I ran over the cop and the bg couldn't do a damn thing about it <3 ~~~~~ Killer win in Reverse Mafia <3 ~~~~~ Fun times as guiser <3 ~~~~~ Silent then Violent? XD ~~~~~ Lmao... I survived as a gallis in a poppin' gallis game xD ~~~~~ Cop killed twice? XD Killer + Maf win ~~~~~ I love being pro cop <3 ~~~~~ LMAO. Dark as granny fools maf into believing she's cop. Only to get fool lynched the next day after xD ~~~~~ Creper and kaylee and Zep and TIM FROM NORTH DAKOTA and Whose Line <3 ~~~~~ Thank you, Hunter, for that maf win <3 Game got lost. ROFL XD ~~~~~ Figured out Fool and Maf. Lynched Tracker. Village still wins ~~~~~ I love being maf in a slightly large game with cult culting me <3 ~~~~~ I love mindf*cking people <3 Made town believe I was fool/tracker/stalker while I was just a traitor ~~~~~ LK maddness <3 ~~~~~ This proves that when I'm acting the scummiest...I'm actually protown (Shot doc and popped gallis as baker) ~~~~~ Maf has perfect aim. Kills Both GS and Baldy shoots LK. Mafia still loses <3 ~~~~~ I love being interceptor <3 Too bad I died d1 :( ~~~~~ It's official...I'm the coolest no avy in the game xD ~~~~~ Never trust a pikachu... ~~~~~ Rave party in the gy <3 ~~~~~ Not the same rave without supbrah <3 ~~~~~ This should have been ranked... xD ~~~~~ I wonder if this link works... ~~~~~ NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP / CHINESE MAFIA / RUSSIA > CANADA in hockey XDDD ~~~~~ Those gunned oracle games <3 ~~~~~ We're all in this together part 2 <3 (Me as watcher naked, cop shot d1. Village still wins) ~~~~~ I am in misery... (Dat gunnin' orc game...) ~~~~~ Interesting game...Masons/Bakers/Cops/Mafia ~~~~~ Scummy for the win <3 ~~~~~ fail town is really fail... ~~~~~ We're all in this together part 3 <3 ~~~~~ A game with DarkDreamer. Fun times. Fun game. Epic win when all killing maf visited granny. Epic fail when baker and cop visited uncounterclaimed granny. Cool vilalge win <3 ~~~~~ Dat bus on me almsot worked despite the scum slip from my partner <3 And TigerShark is win <3 ~~~~~ Mort had this in the bag when he told town I was guised...but town no lynched and failed... Derek <3 ~~~~~ Be warned: If you lynch me for my question mark, I will take a sacrifice with me <3 ~~~~~ Another flawless mafia victory over oracles <3 ~~~~~ Laaaawl. I somehow win it for the maf. By not claiming <3 (Oracle, Granny and me left. They claim outloud. I don't say anything. Oracle changes vote to granny. I hammer) ~~~~~ First and only game where DrEvil is a good guy. ~~~~~ We're all in this together part 4 <3 (Oracle reveals me, GS, I gun Devi who is doc. Cop whispers me all mafia reports. Tracker tells me John has gun. We take down mafia. Doc/Cop/GS win <3 ~~~~~ Devi as doc and me as bg <3 ~~~~~ Good times with Naked cop and taking down maf/trolls one by one <3 ~~~~~ Doc be true Batman ~~~~~ Please...don't ever play like this kids...this is how NOT to play EM... (facepalm) ~~~~~ Greatest 4 cop guise setup ever! XD Pop dat gallis ftw! <3 Good times, Chick ;P ~~~~~ The bomb survives with Batman! :D ~~~~~ Interceptor is a fun job <3 (Thanks Supbrah for saving my bum and hating on me xD <3) ~~~~~ I almost die as the silencer. Convince Warlock to joint with me. Then I help them get 2 points by voting gallis and then themselves xD I'm such a nice mafia xDDD ~~~~~ This is how mafia pros do it in a No Reveal game xD ~~~~~ My Tippy is the best pokemon ever. Killed everyone to avenge her trainer <3 ~~~~~ If you're homophobic...and visit me at night...I'll murder you ;D ~~~~~ I didn't know maf would not want to joint with fool...Yeah, I'll blow your cover if it means winning together than losing alone xD ~~~~~ Damn, these games are addictive... ~~~~~ Dem guisers... ~~~~~ I have no idea how I manage to keep guising and not talk and not get lynched until the end xD ~~~~~ Yakked as shrink <3 (I wuv you dead horsie and insane potato cop <3) ~~~~~ Ramona and Juliet <3 ~~~~~ Most fail town ever... (Yakked tracker says the yak visited him and the victim in the gy. He repeats it. Several times. Town votes out cop... --;) ~~~~~ Such a weird game... xD Dat spam from Kiyo to everyone else xD ~~~~~ Lmao...I get jailed n1 as hooker and refuse to claim. After a few seconds I figure out the jailer is amina. Next day, amina dies due to mafia killing her xD I claim drunk and maf wins xDDD ~~~~~ I culted granny n1. We both end up in the gy the next day xD ~~~~~ Baker and Ceptor die n1. Second baker is shot. Baker leaves the game so as not to get lynched. Amnesiac tries to take baker but ends up being killed by mafia next night. Town goes into famine xD ~~~~~ Pro oracle. Janned n1 and reveal jan. Pro doc. Saved tracker n2. ~~~~~ This is why I should be grandma more often with my buddies <3 ~~~~~ We're all in this together part5 <3 (oracle is shot and reveals the janned role. Tracker outs guilty with a dead watcher, me (as BG) and GS visit her that night. I discover the interceptor and tracker shoots him. We figure out that a troll was cop and got a guilty on vent. We lynch a doc cc.) ~~~~~ Me as Jack and Creper as Rose on a famous sinking ship xD ~~~~~ We're all in this together part6 <3 (Insane cop whisper the sane cop (me) until the doc dies. By that time we have a few clears already. Hella uses his superb scumhunting skill and lynches 2 mafs) ~~~~~ I like being cult leader <3 ~~~~~ This game is so lolzy xD ~~~~~ Weird game is weird... o.o ~~~~~ Oh, Rose, this is a sinking ship for the mafia <3 (I watch Creper n1, end up getting a visit on him from the vent. Then the guiser guises as me. Only silencer left xD) ~~~~~ How did I do it? XD ~~~~~ We're all in this together part7 <3 ~~~~~ Lol, what? ~~~~~ I'm yer Godmother ~~~~~ I'm yer Godmother Part II ~~~~~ Clusterfk to the Village (Fail town is just really fail...I gunned the naked LK and he doesn't shoot or say anything. I say he's yakked. Town almost lynches me. I get killed and LK is still alive. They lynch everyone at random BUT the yakked LK. Just an overall fail town.) ~~~~~ Pretty decent game. Not amazing enough to be part of the WAITT series, but still good <3 ~~~~~ Clean Maf Sweep ~~~~~ Say what? The rare times I amnesiac the mafia... ~~~~~ Making lame jokes. With Yah. <3 YEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ~~~~~ Yeeeaaaah... I avenge you, ma little biscuit <3 ~~~~~ LAWL. Triple maf bus? XD I shoot 3 mafs as bomb <3 ~~~~~ We're all in this together part8 <3 (I shoot the guilty vent after everyone else fires their guns. Watcher gets a visit on me and 2 others. One is stalker and the other is jan. I shoot one, lynch the other. I give gun to other GS. He shoots the bomb and dies. I give the bomb CC false hope XD) ~~~~~ The tracker thought I was the GS when I visited Katie. I wasn't. But I went with it anyways xD ~~~~~ LOL @ me being able to whisper for the first time ~~~~~ LAAAAWL. Haters gonna rage xD ~~~~~ 3 villagers. One maf. 8 fools. Mafia kills 2 villagers in a row XD ~~~~~ Me testing my luck. (Claim blue and manage to kill doc between a doc and blue kill. Frame the other blue. Still get lynched. (y)) ~~~~~ At least the second time that I investigated the GF n1... Doc dead. And I get a mafia with it being a 50% chance of being miller xD Village wins 'cause I fos'd my n1 investigation! \o/ ~~~~~ LAAAWL. Such a weird game. GF gets rl. I kill his "fos", the doc and cop gets guilty on me. Only to lynch a miller. Damn lag almost cost me the game >.> ~~~~~ Such a lolololol game xD (the things spartan whispers to a newbie is so mean... xD) ~~~~~ Wtf happened here? XD Doc gets a guilty on doc... Maf wins xDDD ~~~~~ LOL Nailed it! (I as tailor tailor the doc as the tailor... xD) ~~~~~ Creepy message from Lucidrains and remembering Slasher and with Slasher and Whatever <3 ~~~~~ Wicked and Weird (framer/GF/2 fools/2 tailors. Framer frames the tailor, I get a framer suit as the GF when I claimed fool. xD) ~~~~~ A game with 3 mafs. And 2 tailors. 3 mafs dead. Game keeps going. Good game...? XD ~~~~~ LOL! Blue claims as cop and gets a guilty on miller. Real cop ccs and gets guilty on the GF (me :D). We lynch the cop and laugh xD ~~~~~ Trolololol (4 cops/1 maf. Guess whose maf? XD) ~~~~~ I f**king LOVE this game! Pikachu is the best troll partner at 3:00am <333 ~~~~~ YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Pikachu/trolling/goofing off martian style <3) ~~~~~ I don't even...(talking to myself) ~~~~~ This game...I don't even...what? (I claimed cop as mafia, real cop doesn't cc. Doc claims to me. I claim guilty on vig. Vig shoots miller and we kill doc. We lynch vig and kill cop at night. AWESOME GAME XD)

wtf? ~~~~~ Sorry oslo <3 But a maf gotta do what a maf gotta do...lie and kill. ~~~~~ Even in death our love goes on... <3 xD I'm such an ace at trolling as mafia and getting town to lynch doc and kill cop at night while I claim both day 1 <3 ~~~~~ I claim doc as vig. Get people to whisper me with claims. Keep trying to shoot andrei. Finally kill him for the village win. ~~~~~ Best (trolled) game ever! XD Claim cop, cop leaves the game. Claim miller. Miller leaves the game. Claim doc. Doc leaves the game. W00t! XD ~~~~~ I rl gf as cop...mafia won...but that's okay, me and pikachu survived <3 ~~~~~ What the actual f**k? (I doc pika, whose miller and he trolls as cop. Village win) ~~~~~ Pro-cops right here: (me and jess. Got all 3 mafs in a row. with hooker trying to bring us down <3) ~~~~~ WANNA! :O ~~~~~ I'm a fucking BEAST Batman. Killed maf n1. Killed GF n1. Shot fool n3. ~~~~~ I don't even... (Time runs out, everyone votes, it's a tie. They talk about hammering and kicking inactive players...sigh) ~~~~~ I be good maf...and liar...and troll...and Pikaaa <333

about 11 years
sup nat
remember me?
over 11 years
Hey Natty, it's me AGENT AAS/PAUL, do you still enter epic mafia anymore??
over 12 years
deletedalmost 13 years
deletedabout 13 years
I am xD. Thanks
about 13 years
After many months of extreme therapy, I was finally able to say your name under my bed in the dead of midnight. =D
about 13 years
Got the 2000, K+
about 13 years
+K for big bio
about 13 years
about 13 years
about 13 years
+k for mama natty :)
about 13 years
I'm on quite often - when are you usually on?
about 13 years
about 13 years
Write on my wall when you're on and I will come to the rescue... for great justice. >:]
about 13 years
Is there no way you can make an alt to escape the training lobby?
about 13 years
Where is my favorite grandma!?
about 13 years
+k for a GIANT bio. <3
about 13 years
Well, I miss you dearly! Get yourself over to the sandbox!
about 13 years
Where have you been? +K btw
about 13 years
Why.... thank you clarice >:D