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I suck at this fucking piece of shit game.

2 Months later- I still suck at this fucking piece of shit game.

6 Months Later. Im even fucking worse.


1 Year later. I still suck at this bullshit game.

Half a year later. Fuck everything.

Fuck da police.

over 12 years
Heyy Its been a while and Im glad to tell you that you have been Invited to Jaylen23s Survivor Season 10 All-Stars! Congratulations and check your mail. Ive invited 30 people Only 24 will make it in time it is this friday at 5:00pm Eastern time Plan accordingly! check your inbox for the Password!!!! Also +k to you... There will also be a prize for the Winner!
over 12 years
+k because why not? also i realized i had you negged but i had no clue why. but i like you. so i plussed you instead.
over 12 years
Hi, you should join my scumhunting competition, I want a few experienced training players in it to go up against the competitive lobby players. It's really simple, all you have to do is read screenshots of an old game and guess the mafia. http://www.epicmafia.com/topic/34906
over 12 years
over 12 years
+k u sexy cat, please return ^_^
over 12 years
http://www.epicmafia.com/report/4439 - Please refrain from using offensive language when you can. Using words like "fagget" is unnecessary and will only upset some people. Consider this a warning.
over 12 years
you were reported for gamethrowing in http://www.epicmafia.com/report/3782 . No action is being taken, but please try to be more careful about placing yourself in positions where you cannot win.
over 12 years
You read that game well. +k
over 12 years
Good player :) +k from me!
deletedover 12 years
Let's stick to atleast mostly english in games from now on.
almost 13 years
+k for not giving a fuck.
almost 13 years
noob -k
deletedalmost 13 years
-k for being a dipshit.
almost 13 years
+K for being the best doc I have ever seen ever!! You no-saved all 3 times in Classic Mafia and WON THE GAME WITH 2 HAMMERS!
almost 13 years
Guilting me with +K, you bastard. Fine, I'm giving you your karma (removing the -2K and giving you +4K) because despite your mental handicap, you actually won the last game we were in.
about 13 years
-ed for lurking ALL game. If you're going to join, at least have the balls to participate
over 13 years
+k'd for being uncc'd lawyer all game and winning the 3way lylo as the uncc'd lawyer