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anonymousover 6 years
you look like emilia clarke
what noway lol im blushingthank you


6 / 10Scumhunter
4 / 20Super Sleuth!
3 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 25Objection!
1 / 15Walker Texas Ranger

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almost 6 years
i'm nothing like i am on maria irl
about 6 years
hope you're well keri
deletedover 6 years
woof woof wats for lunch lol
over 6 years
happy birthday!
over 6 years
u look like u're from australia
over 6 years
*thinking of keri* maybe the world isnt so bad after all
almost 7 years
long time no see. <3
almost 7 years
sup i wanna rewatch owari no seraph if you ever wanna rewatch some lmk ever since i bought shinoa i've been craving it
almost 7 years
happy birthday have a kid
almost 7 years
im love you and always wish you're happy and safe
almost 7 years
deletedalmost 7 years

but i actually think this was made for u
deletedalmost 7 years

this is melting my heart i thought u would enjoy
about 7 years
are u kittykeri
deletedabout 7 years

omg us
about 7 years
just checking in to say im hope ur doing spectacular:)
about 7 years
im straight open ur mouth ill prove it
about 7 years

nice to meet u
about 7 years
ur kinda ok
about 7 years
i still love u keri but my first wife is calling me back