• Carries one gun that can be shot during the day.
  • Gun cannot be stolen.
  • Identity will not be revealed when the gun is shot.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Hollywood Delusions played 3,281 times
Darker than Black played 1,280 times
Sinister Sundown played 969 times
This setup is bad 2.0 played 764 times
Casual Pants played 606 times
Roleswap played 571 times
TEO with guns V8 played 424 times
TEO with Guns 6 played 389 times
Setup 976796 played 384 times
A Shot at Justice played 287 times

Available Achievements

Walker Texas Ranger (15)
You successfully shot and killed a mafia!
over 9 years
If a fabricator gives you a fake gun it will replace your deputy gun..
meaning you can't shoot or you die
and theres nothing you can do about this unless a thief steals it
deletedabout 10 years
this is The Worst role
over 11 years
So you can shoot only once per game?
over 12 years
You're my favorite deputy!
over 12 years
Idea by Shmeur
over 12 years
Dayvig, I lik eit.
over 12 years
Yeah nah
over 12 years
It's to be a separate role. Sheriff still has its advantages as well.
over 12 years
Why don't you just make it so Sheriff doesn't get revealed? >.>
over 12 years
so a village sniper.
over 12 years
Except it's not revealed, making it so Sniper can cc it and Deputy can stay hidden.
over 12 years
Uhm same shit as sherif?
over 12 years
Sheriff is still there.
over 12 years
woahwoahwoah, so what happen's to sheriff?