Hello everynyan! How are you? Fine thank you.
part of  family

Five year player. Shout-out to slackerz, with love.

i like zenith

I don't play this game much anymore, but it still holds a big place in my heart. If you feel like reminiscing, add me on Discord: Alex#6467



anonymousover 8 years
Do you know a guy named Isaac?
Sorry, I don't.
deletedabout 10 years
Well this is awkward


20 / 20Do No Harm
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
10 / 20He's Batman
9 / 25Eye of the Beholder
over 12 years
Enjoy your karma from being a pony and not being a patron of a karma worker. :P
over 12 years
Tq! and +k return :D
over 12 years
plus you, the game was really fun, that's what EM should be like!
over 12 years
Hey! Haha, thanks. I appreciate your grammar and the like, as well. You were great. We definitely need to play again sometime, yeah. We'll make it happen.
over 12 years
you were reported for a game related suicide - you will receive a 12 hour suspension.
almost 13 years
The groups in general, not you individually. :P
deletedalmost 13 years
I'm not a really good player, but thanks anyway. People rage at mistakes, it happens, I do it too, I'm just willing to own up to them afterwards. Thanks for the pity karma although I don't really care about my blue circles.
almost 13 years
negged for not killing the person who cced you as governer
almost 13 years
+k'd for pony
almost 13 years
almost 13 years
plus for cool maf partner
almost 13 years
I never see you online anymore... where'd you go D:
deletedalmost 13 years
Hey hey. Accept the family invite!
about 13 years
lol sorry i tabbed out :(
about 13 years
You weren't so bad yourself, returned.
deletedabout 13 years
Hahaha, shmanks. Couldn't have done it without my always faithful confusing reaction tests! ^_^
deletedabout 13 years
+k'd for you
about 13 years
I plussed you :)
deletedabout 13 years
+kd for that longass game, you played well imo :) (grinner btw)
about 13 years
+K'd so you don't have to suffer