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Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Graveyard of my now inactive friends

- Evil - Kevinamlone69 - Romashi *- DiscoSpider - RamZor - Guoman2 - Sawnic - soleil - MiniLife - Cnote0717

If you would like to know anything more about me, shoot me a pm or ask a question. I honestly love to get to know new people, and I will answer just about anything.

Goodbye for now


over 8 years
Come back someday mate...
hello my friend
almost 9 years
r u alive ._.
newp i'm dead oops
about 9 years
Sometimes I unkarma people and let them wonder what bastardized child would do such a thing... the answer is... this bastardized child.
ohgosh the fact that some people probably actually do sit and stress over why their karma keeps shrinking.....
about 9 years
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled I'm graduating in five days. I figured we're incorporating tongue-twisters into our questions now.
I laughed out loud at that. dude thats awesome. its a whirlwind of activity for sure. congrats friend <3
about 9 years
Your answer to the question below nearly made me spit out my coffee.
I thought you'd appreciate that ;) top 10 fave songs.


20 / 20He's Batman
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
12 / 20Do No Harm
7 / 25Explosion!
over 6 years
Are you actually back...?
about 7 years
You can take me out of the graveyard of friends now! I'm officially back, although I suspect that you may be in an inactive friend graveyard of your own at this point.. Oh well! If you ever meander your way back to EM let me know, I have big plans for this site!
over 8 years
pls come back
almost 9 years
Dwight is life
almost 9 years
Today, smoking will save lives.
almost 9 years
I miss you and all of my friends here on EM, I'll be returning to the community in full once the summer is over! Hope you're well! Do more cover songs and upload them to your profile.
almost 9 years
almost 9 years
okay :D
almost 9 years
+K and sav is gay
about 9 years
+K and hi
about 9 years
Yay +K <3
about 9 years
Yes I am!! I'm excited to be a judge!! I won't be bias though so you better kick a**!!!
about 9 years
We shall see, my friend, but I shall try.
about 9 years
about 9 years
You've got this! Keep up the hard work, I expect to see you back on the site once it's all said and done! Good job!
deletedabout 9 years
+K! :)
about 9 years
Congratulations my friend, that is quite the achievement! Much pride from Evil.
about 9 years
Triple +k for being awesome! <3 Apparently, I already +Kd you on this account. O__o
about 9 years
+K for a member of Team Sirius!