Proof that no one trusts me, LOL:

Awesome, amirite?

Oh. I write stuff sometimes :o

mafiapwner deserves a mention here <3

P. S. I NEVER suicide in ranked games. In the event that I do, please feel free to blame my shitty computer/internet instead of raging at me.

P. P. S. Don't take it personally when I brutally insult you. I talk shit to people for the sole sake of getting them all riled up and flustered, thus rendering them useless when it comes to constructing a believable argument. Got it? Good. <3

over 11 years
I wonder if you'll ever come back, or if you've completely moved on from this place. Either way, thank you for leaving behind your tumblr, Cyn.
over 12 years
SO I log back into EM after a few months...and EVERYTHING has changed. Wtf is with all the new roles, lobby and fact I can't award Karma. =(
almost 13 years
I have seen the story long ago :D
I logged back in to EM today after a long time :D
Hope you're doing fine!
almost 13 years
almost 13 years
You have been plussed! :)
almost 13 years
i miss you cynnnn :(
deletedalmost 13 years
What he said. Haven't seen you in AGES.
almost 13 years
Which lobby do you usually play in? I rarely see you nowadays. :-(
deletedalmost 13 years
Best cynic. I lol'd at your comment in Briahna's wall. Good times.
almost 13 years
+k for Cyn! <33333
almost 13 years
legit, this guy is amazing, if I remember correctly, he was really young when he came out with first cd, 17, 18, came out in Japan before taking the world by storm. And by world I mean people with good taste in music! :D
deletedalmost 13 years
i love your tumblr<3 its so different from mine:p
deletedabout 13 years
Where you been my one and only?
about 13 years
+k plz return
about 13 years
Please do, I won't hold it against you, for every new artist you introduce me to, Ill return the favor double.
about 13 years
I'm too cheap to pay for an inbox on here, and I don't like bitch yo
about 13 years
I don't respond well to 'bitch' so you aren't getting shit until you ask nice woman.

Also, I had several GB of music, but my friend conviniently spilled something on my laptop and I lost everything, I'm slowly rebuilding. Starting with Gotan, found this group Bajo Fondo, but they are really hit and miss... one good tune,

I think this is taking me into a new strange direction, I'm intruiged :D
about 13 years
sometimes too much, I unwind with meu destino.

Before I go sleep and wait for my hangover,

I'm more for melody than lyrics... I look for lyrics that compliment melody not substance :P