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The 10 commandments of mafia (exc. reverse maf setups)

1) First town-tell, then town-read.

2) There is no such thing as a scum-tell, only a failure to town-tell.

3) Although you should never offer it, if no-one town-reads you, then it would be better that you were lynched while town has a free mislynch than you survive to lose a lynch later on.

4) Never feel pride in victory, only shame in defeat.

5) There is no such thing as gut instinct. If you find the logic of the game contradicting what you feel inside, logic should win even if it leads you to hammer wrong.

6) Do not play to win; play to avoid feeling stupid.

7) Have no emotions; become immune to AtE.

8) Avoid setups that lead one to rely on lucky circumstances as opposed to skill-based confrontation.

9) Never, ever omgus unless you have a severely good reason to suspect the person that suspects you.

10) Back-stab joint-winners unless you have good reason not to.

My justification for these rules

1) What use is the ability to 'read' if no one trusts you to begin with? Exactly.

2) If you think in terms of 'scum-tells' and nonsense such as this, you will oftentimes fall victim to wifom. Instead, observe who has consistently town-told and you will hammer far more accurately than with the reverse mentality.

3) Better to let a dysfunctional town rot without you sealing the mafia's victory at a later time.

4) Learning from losses is far more useful than basking in victory.

5) It is better to hammer wrong for the right reasons than to have a 100% win-rate where you never put any thought into your hammers and fluke every time by pure instinct. I do not support this ethos of mafia play.

6) Winning isn't fun and if you truly find it fun, losing will only hurt your feelings. Playing EpicMafia should be a pastime, not a mandatory battle to the death that one desperately tries to win to save their live.

7) I loathe emotional clears that hammer base don instinct and would never want my unclears to feel that they would ever be denied the right to debate and sway me to the bitter end. I am always open-minded to be proven wrong and wifom'd and I rather enjoy letting them wipe the bullshit on my cheeks and pull the cotton wool over my eyes because when i tear them apart for doing so the feeling of being right is so rewarding.

8) This is more to do with what I will select out of any given set of comp round setups.

9) omgusing always looks shitty; refer to rule 1 as to why this matters more than reading the scumbag who is voting you.

10) I am selfish and believe to only reward those who have gained my respect by staying loyal to me at a time in the game where they actually could have betrayed me.