Arlington, Massachusetts

Bio page is here.

about 5 years
Reid? You still around?
deletedover 9 years
Hi Reid :D
deletedover 9 years
Nah it doesn't
deletedover 9 years
Yeh man, Lucid added a kick option for unranked game hosts. You're probably being booted cuz no avatar.
over 9 years
I am doing great. I stay in the Sandbox but I don't play as much as I use to.

It is great seeing you again! Come back and play soon!
deletedover 9 years
I was a mod a few times, I quit this latest time due to Riotkiller getting de-admined. Riot is also banned now. IRC died a lonnnnggg time ago, everyone uses skype now but most of the old IRC crew is goneeeeee.
deletedover 9 years
GaryOak reporting in.
over 9 years
Oh hi. I saw you stalk my page. I remember you! :D
almost 10 years
you're alive?
almost 12 years
Yes, it is! I got my username back! Let's play again sometime soon!
about 12 years
Let's play some games before Monday!
about 12 years
deletedover 12 years
reid omg how have you been!!!!!!!
almost 13 years
Hey, you were on 20 mins ago!
deletedalmost 13 years
about 13 years
negged back for bein a friend of doomsdays!
deletedover 13 years
friend request accepted
over 13 years
over 13 years
Don't fucking join ranked games if you're going to be AFK.
over 13 years
okay gimme your email then :D