I'm the Doctor. Basically, run.
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The universe is old, so very old. And every second of every day, it's constantly growing older and older, bigger and bigger. I have seen most of it.

I am different, an unique species. I have lived for thousands and thousands of years. I have seen the rise and fall of vast Empires stretching hundreds and hundreds of solar systems. I have endured the extinction of my own species.

And though I've had companions to love and be loved by, I've lost them all, one by one, to the very element my people once controlled.

So here I stand, tempered and resolute; a lone soul fighting for justice and right every second of my life.

I will reward the kind, and crush the evil. Show compassion to the humble, and bring judgement upon the arrogant.

Empires will fall before me, and new civilizations will rise to replace them.

I'm the Doctor. Basically, run.

When I snipe both PRs two nights in a row:

When I doc save two nights in a row:

Successful Reverse-AntiBus!

When I get vig:

720noscopes accurately:

720noscopes inaccurately (purposefully, of course):

When people ask me to promise I'm not mafia:

When people say my pushes don't make sense:

When people do stupid stuff:

When I inno my cc:



over 9 years
Will you love me until you're seventy? :3
As hard as 23
over 9 years
You should believe that as much as the US believes in itself.
over 9 years
You ain't hear nothin -_- there's no sarcasm
I believe that as much as Texas believes in the US Congress
over 9 years
OMG YAS that's fucking perfect
Why do I sense a note of sarcasm in your voice? xD
over 9 years
Graveyards don't have maple candy so no. CHOOSE A BETTER PLACE.
Cultist meeting? :3


17 / 20Super Sleuth!
10 / 20Do No Harm
5 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 25Explosion!
3 / 20He's Batman
about 9 years
+k to 17
about 9 years
+K ;)
about 9 years
He disappeared off of the HOF. This is absurd. I demand an answer
about 9 years
where the are you
over 9 years
over 9 years
Are you scared to play on main? I remember I was scared @ 20 wins...and then i lost :(
over 9 years
LMAO SO YOU AREN'T ILLITERATE :D Hey well it's the thought that counts :3 At least you were scared to press it :D
over 9 years
Stop winning please.
over 9 years
Muchas gracias! Me hizo muy feliz de ver a tu comentario cuando regresé de la escuela. :D. (I'm also using a new strat next time so I don't up ef all the easy problems.) Usted es más que increíble; eres perfecto <3
over 9 years
Wǒ yě hěn xǐhuān nǐ ;3
over 9 years
classically minimalist
over 9 years
dats a freakin scary profile...... +k anyway
over 9 years
+K for Eddie because you're rad :3
over 9 years
Aww thanks bae <3 :3
deletedover 9 years
+k for awesome profile
over 9 years
//^O^// +K's cuz Eddie~
over 9 years
+k because you're the doctor that's why!
over 9 years
+kkkk for not leaving me alone then going to review a game and not coming back XD
over 10 years
gdi the music so loud
over 10 years
OMG, Matt Smith is SOOOOO hott!