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glory to




about 11 years
Hey how much to sell the site to me?
wan mirrion dorrah
about 11 years
1 recent visitor on my profile Laexio lol!
it was me
anonymousabout 11 years
yolo right
depends what game you're playing
about 11 years
Who is the owner of Epicmafia?
it's brontosaurus
about 11 years
How did you come about deciding to make this site?
i didn't


1 / 25Explosion!
1 / 15New Sheriff in Town
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
about 5 years
hey legend hope you're well
over 6 years
Who is this man?
over 6 years
im worried you're gonna give it to xela dude
deletedalmost 7 years
I am guessing that you are an alt of ArisFlackerbee
almost 9 years
glory to
over 9 years
+k 4 u <3
deletedover 9 years
Would you gain anything if you report me lmao.
deletedover 9 years
what on god's green earth is your profile video?
almost 10 years
Thanks for all the help man.
almost 10 years
Did you kill yourself yet.
almost 10 years
i hate you
about 10 years
your name backwards is Oixeal. Much cooler than whatever your name is now.
about 10 years
Plussed. Happy fonger day!
deletedabout 10 years
shuddup straight alex
deletedabout 10 years
hi, I made you a moderator of my lobby. Please don't abuse your powers. Thanks
over 10 years
I thought you were leaving? Bye mister shit mod. Bring back sachy, atleast he lurked and didn't basically shit on me like a douche. Jesus christ this is a clear cut example of IM BIG YOU'RE SMALL DEAL WITH IT. -__-
over 10 years
what report?
over 10 years
reported for having inappropriate butt avatar
over 10 years
did you end up getting all 20 endings?