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There are many types of monsters in this world. Monsters who cause trouble without showing themselves, monsters who abduct children, monsters who devour dreams, monsters who suck blood... and then, monsters who tell nothing but lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance. They are much more cunning than others: They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart; they eat even though they've never experienced hunger; they study even though they have no interest in academics; they seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such monsters, I would likely be eaten by them... because in truth, I am that monster.


5 / 20Super Sleuth!
3 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 25Explosion!
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 20He's Batman
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Ty hades!
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+k! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
about 9 years
yo i built my 1st computer :DDD
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+k for KillingFlames <3
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+k for L :)
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+K for getting the answer right~
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I got my 2k points i can +k you back <3
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i watched the first three episodes of ngnl. it was pretty good lol i find the whole teenage pervyness annoying but good story ty
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+k for barca
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+k 4 helping me with anime :p
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+K for <3 thanks so much for being such a great friend to me :D C;
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and double +K for being even more :3
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+K for being a great friend (:
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you're saying that you're a liar, don't you think that's self-contradicitng?
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+K for bio and being yourself
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+K for pasta