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Here are some of the favorites in my game history.

This one's unranked but it was great. I trolled during darkness as maf and got 2 people shot, and alongside my maf partners got a 3rd lynched


Althea's Best Reverse Mafia Strategy

You start with

  • 1 Stalker
  • 5 traitors
  • 1 Mason
  • 1 Tracker
  • 1 Fool
  • 1 Vig

Traitors are the Blue of this game. They're nothing more than maf sided villagers. Everyone claims to be them as a rule, because claiming town sided roles is a quick way to get you lynched. One rule of thumb. In a 3 way setting, the traitor ALWAYS self votes so that there can be no confusion over lynching the stalker (if there is a mason claiming that the stalker is a mason.) Then the stalker votes the traitor, and the mason loses.

Masons are complicated, but here's how they work. They convert others to mason, whether they're traitors, vig, fool, or tracker. On night one, there's one.

*** But by day 1, there are two. By night 2 there are only 2, and they convert another that night. If no masons die by this point, there are 3 by day 2.

A quick way to calculate the number of masons there should be is whatever day it is, add one. Then subtract any masons you see in the graveyard.

This rule does NOT apply when the masons mismason. Mismason is when a mason tries to convert an all out mafia. Traitors aren't actually classified as maf, only sided with maf - meaning they win if maf wins. If a mason tries to convert the stalker (or any other actual mafia) then that mason will die.

  • For example. Let's say the scenario is n2. There are two masons and because a majority ruling says that both masons have to vote the same person to convert them, if they hit the stalker, both masons will die.

  • Another example. Let's say the scenario is n3, and there are three masons. Majority rule says only 2 of them have to vote on a person, but one can no mason. If the two who are voting are on the stalker, they'll die, but one mason will live. If that mason lives, he or she will know who the stalker is. Chances of success for stalker to win diminish greatly.

The fool wins only if a) gets lynched (gets 120 points) or b) if town wins (gets 10 points). It's in the fool's best interest to get lynched. Now if the fool is a total pro, then the fool could get lynched without the mafia winning. But most fools maf side.

  • Maf siding means that the fool votes with the maf, and tries to make it - alive - to the final 3 way setting. If the maf decides to joint, then they lynch the fool, and maf and fool win. Only thing is, maf get half the points they would have if they won without. Some people don't like siding with the fool for that reason. So basically, they will try to kill the fool overnight as stalker to ensure the fool doesn't make it to the final 3, or will vote to lynch a traitor in the final 3 so that the fool can't get lynched.


Basically in this setup:

  • Don't expose your true role unless you have to. Claim traitor (but don't volunteer that up unless others are doing the same thing, like a mass claim.)
  • If you're mason - mason everyone but extreeemely careful of the stalker. If there's more than 2 of you, one mason always no votes. If there are 4, one mason no votes, one mason votes someone different than the two other masons who vote to convert someone
  • If you're tracker, and your report tells you so-and-so visited 2 people (person 1, person 2), then you're on the stalker and that day you scream it in public. I.e. "Bigbutt Is stalker. He visited Hairybutt, Nobutt. Masons don't mason him!" I guarantee will not be killed that night if stalker doesn't want to verify what you said. From then on, it's an autowin.
  • If you're fool - Don't ask for a joint win until YOU ARE 100% POSITIVE that all masons are dead. Otherwise those bastards will mason you to ensure you cannot maf side anymore.
  • If you're vig...don't fucking shoot n1. Shooting stalker n1 is a 1/9 chance. In doing so, game goes unranked and people will bitch you out.


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