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I will do whatever night action I have on the first person on my list every single time. That means if you are first on my list on I am cop, you get checked. If I am maf, you get killed. Even if you are host. IDC.


anonymousalmost 5 years
VocĂȘ aceita cheque de terceiros?
idk what this says
over 9 years
Groose is the best thing to happen to this site in a long time.
True Story
anonymousalmost 10 years
Do you have an ass that just won't quit?
You know it!
over 10 years
well played mother fucker
sry mate
deletedover 10 years
If you were a wizard, what would be your favorite spell?
Invincibility. :P


25 / 25Explosion!
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20Do No Harm
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20He's Batman

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almost 5 years
For the longest time I thought your pfp was an Owl with a hat.

+k for the cool realization ^-^
over 6 years
Happy not your birthday! hope you hate it as much as I do. now suck a cuck.
almost 7 years
the groose is loose
about 7 years
I miss you too! ^.^ I'll try to catch you this weekend though if you're around~
about 7 years
You're dead with the Wii U.
about 7 years
Nice song +k :)
deletedover 7 years
you can choose to be loose or lets call it a truce?
I just ran by the Phawkers again recently, and remembered that you drew the family avi. The Phawkers miss you.
about 8 years
hey dude!! can't believe it's been a year sicne your new house hows it coming together? ^^ I'm ok, been a bit aimless, I'm 21 not sure what to do! I'm a regular chav (LOL jk) happy Easter! how are u? :)
almost 9 years
Lol I miss you how are you
almost 9 years
Haayyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!
about 9 years
congratulations on your new home!!! is this the first home you've bought? that's really awesome though ^^ do you live with other people? :)
about 9 years
about 9 years
excuse u... rude... btw where u been man? seems like 4ever since i last saw u
about 9 years
i poke u. ur welcome
deletedover 9 years
Don't let the others find out but, you're my favourite!
deletedover 9 years
deletedover 9 years
You may now hold the Potato
deletedover 9 years
Would you love a Potato and never leave the Potato?
deletedover 9 years
Potato Potato Groose