good luck out there
dying rn

if you want to see some sad stuff go to the far right of my friends list and bear witness to the graveyard

about 5 years
Your avatar is almost as nice as your personality
about 5 years
meph you are such a talented poet, i forgave u by the first line thank u so muc h awoooooooo
about 5 years
BEST mephistopholes
about 5 years
I want to see all the cool belts.
about 5 years
Excuse me, who the heck is this?
over 5 years
Nice belt. Very mep.
about 8 years
i love u
over 11 years
And you've earned my respect as well. +k once my score is high enough.
almost 12 years
Can you play 2 more games so I can +k? k thnx.