Welp. I always forget about epicmafia and when I come back I see how long ago I started playing. Literally 27 months ago I asked in my profile page "who made the other yonks btw?", and I referred to something that happened at least 10 months earlier. I have people on my friends list that last connected to EM 48 months ago. That's 4 fucking whole years.

Anyway everyone on epicmafia that I knew kinda vanished, came back, and vanished again. That's including me.

I don't even know why I still have this site in my bookmarks. Last time I visited it was like 3 months ago for like 5-6 games.

So yeah. If any of you guys remember me and read this, I really hope you remember me positively. In any case... Well I don't actually have anything to say.

I hope you don't hate me for making you read this boring profile page. anyway. thanks to everyone who played with me.

Love to anyone who does remember me. Yours, yonk5.

Oh and one last thing, I just realized I updated my age on this site at least 4 times, it just made me smile a bit because this site sucks.

Also I miss the times where people throwing games on sandbox happened in less than 50% of the games (roughly 25%)


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This guy is a legend.
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Where are you? Come back :'(