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When will club sandbox return from the war


anonymousabout 11 years
do u think trollan is kewt i do
Sure, you are very kewt trollan
deletedabout 11 years
get stalker 3 games in a row mfw
Lol'd, I mismasoned on you the third time because I was sure you couldn't be it the third time. Sadtimes
about 11 years
I don't wanna be Zapdos D:
Fine, you can be Raikou and I will be Entei.
deletedabout 11 years
ice was here, fire sucks :3
So I've decided that Fire, Ice and Thunder will now be based on the legendary pokemon. I will now be Moltres
over 11 years
I don't quit! Not Until you are dead! SO you wanna face death?
I'd very much like to continue this living thing I've got going on. It seems fun for some reason


17 / 20Super Sleuth!
5 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 10Gotcha!
1 / 25Eye of the Beholder
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
over 5 years
Hi there long lost friend! I miss you.
over 5 years
After 73months I am now ready to join the Anime Federation
about 8 years
I miss you :(
about 9 years
+k to 198
over 9 years
Did you die? It's been forever since i've seen you.
almost 10 years
Do you still get on ever? I never see you :(
about 10 years
i miss you!
over 10 years
chrom you are my waifu
almost 11 years
Oh how i've missed you.
about 11 years
about 11 years
over 11 years
Please don't be mad at me,I lav u :(
over 11 years
over 11 years
Wait why did we become friends just now?
over 11 years
+ked you
over 11 years
I noticed that the glitch TOOK your karma randomly. I gained 3.
over 11 years
Is everybody's karma shooting up through the roof?
over 11 years
Lol. Marine Bootcamp isn't exactly a trip.
over 11 years
This is when your karma becomes higher. :)